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Developing as a Professional Educator


Looking Back:

As I look back over my two years of Induction I am proud of the growth I have made as an educator.  My goal at the beginning of this process was to apply a variety of instructional practices to improve my students' understanding of the P.E. standards and their importance.  I now feel confident with integrating extensive knowledge of curriculum and instructional practices to increase student engagement and success in meeting the state standards in the area of Physical Education.  My areas of strength are engaging and supporting all students in learning.  I have surprised myself in many ways during this process- I knew this profession was my passion, but now I know it is also my purpose.


Looking Forward:

I never want to become satisfied with my teaching practices and my long-term goal is to make it a priority to develop as an educator. By engaging in purposeful professional development such as workshops offered by SHAPE (Society Of Health & Physical Educators) I will have many opportunites to collaborate with colleagues and the professional community I belong to.  I am very lucky to work with two amazing P.E. teachers and will look to them to hold me accountable for continuing my journey as an educator.


Staying Connected:

Social Media offers unlimited opportunites to connect with fellow educators without having to attend a weekend event or take time away from my students.  I follow many educators on Twitter & Instagram and participate in online seminars and chats.


Moving Forward:

Although I am new to this profession and am excited to go to work every day, I have a realistic view of how taxing being an educator can be.  Growing up I remember my mom spending many hours at school after the students had gone home, grading papers on the weekends, how she would worry about her kids' progress, and the occasional difficulties of interacting with parents.  However, there was never a day that my mom said she wished she wasn't a teacher.  I know I will face challenges, but will follow in my mom's footsteps by taking time for myself to excercie, spend time with friends and family, and know that it's okay to not love everyday at work, and remembering that this is my purpose.


Words From The Wise:

"I have surely learned more from being Erin's coach than she has learned from me.  I am so grateful and blessed to have been part of this increduble teacher's journey and look forward to watching her be a coach to a new teacher someday."

Karen Smith- Valle Vista Elementary


Take It From Me:

It's okay to ask for help!!