Contributing to the Profession

Throughout Induction I have been provided Curated Resources that provided me with an abundance of relavent teaching strategies and web-based teaching tools.  I found these resources especially helpful during Cycle 4 in which I created  a Project Based Learning lesson.  Collaborating with educators is the best way to contribute to the teaching profession.  Luckily Twitter, P.E. Central, and  TEACHPHSED are easily accessible and the best places to help develop my teaching practices as well as share my own success stories.




Twitter is without a doubt the best resource I currently have access to. It provides me with opportunities to interact with teachers from all over the world, sharing ideas and resources. I follow The P.E. Geek, #PECHAT, and EVS Sport.


P.E. Central

I use this site as a teaching tool to get my students interested in physical activity and health/nutrition.



If you are looking for some great information and tools to use in your class, you need to check out some of the teacher websites on TEACHPHYSED.  There is enough here to keep you learning for hours.  The sites were developed by fabulous Physical Education teachers.  I have had many opportunities to interact with some of these teachers via Twitter or Voxer.  They are all willing to help anyone out and all you have to do is ask!