20W PD Charger: the great charging solution for smart phones

Do you want a fast charger for your cell phone? Huntkey takes new advancement in phone charging by developing the 20W PD charger.

Buy the premium quality 20W iPhone 12 charger at valuable price now.

USB charger gives a quick charging rate, yield wattage to 20W. It charges the iPhone 50% more effectively than other chargers.


The inherent secure framework works while over-charging, over-flows, over-warmth, and short out occur, keeping your gadgets totally protected. It is a durable and safer charger because it produces less heat.  It hardly break from scratches and drops with robust anti-smudge, making it keep going for a long time.


USB-C Charger is viable with practically all gadgets, for example, iPhone and other phones.


20W iPhone 12 charger is light in weight. Lightweight makes it portable to carry.  It can easily fit into a pants pocket, advantageous to convey and store. Thin packaging configuration keeps away from taking a lot of room and an ideal ally for movement. Whether you are on a business trip or traveling, you don’t have to worry about the heavy weight.

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