Why Choose PD Chargers Instead of Ordinary One

Looking for the best range of portable chargers, En.Huntkey helps you search for the best charger. In this blog, we are discussing the PD chargers.USB Power Delivery is much more influential, supporting up to 100W of power to charge up even the heaviest gadgets such as laptops. It’s also safer, as devices and chargers communicate over the USB cable to confirm the optimal charging power level. It supports different voltage steps such as 5V, 9V, 15V, and 20V for power outputs range from 10W to 100W.

The new USB Power Delivery Programmable Power Supply standard supports configurable voltages, enabling more optimal charging if two devices fail to communicate an appropriate power rule.USB Power Delivery will automatic to the next power option supported by the relevant USB protocol, such as USB-C 1.5A.


PD Charger is now commonly used to fast-charge smart phones, laptops, and other gadgets. A vast range of different smart phones supports the standard, too, often in addition to their faster proprietary standards. USB PD is flexible, allowing for configurable voltage levels at tiny 20mV granular increments. The USB PD is far better suited to fast-charging than the standard USB PD protocol.


The charger is starting support to grow, particularly in the charger market.