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Science Fair websites to help you with your research!  Try to stick with sites that end in : .org, .edu, .gov, etc, if unsure about the site just ask. 


Science Buddies --

 laughHave Fun! Below are some links that you can use to help you on your research.  Copy the link and paste it to the address bar at the top of a new page or just click on it.  You can hit the arrow back to return here.

splatter information

liquid splatter

why liquids "splash"

splash splatter surfaces

moment of science water splash



New sugar limits for kids

what is sugar

natural sweeteners

consuming too much sugar

what are added sugars to foods

hidden sugars and names


types of cleaning sponges

best cleaning sponges, types of sponges

natural and artificial sponges

cotton absorbency

sea sponges


Color and Heat

Ducksters Heat

Light and color facts

heat transfer + radiation

color and heat

why does black absorb more heat



Microwave radiation

types of radiation- Bitesize science


Heating or cooling drinks  info

Physics 4 kids heat capacity

Ice cooling drinks-A moment of science

heat transfer and cooling

specific heat capacity video

Heat capacity, calorimetry, specific heat


solar Energy-solar ovens/cookers

How does the sun's energy reach Earth

Radiant energy from the sun

Solar energy

Solar energy -Ducksters



ASAP science Yawning

kids health why do we yawn

Science daily-Yawning

psychology today yawning

Contagious yawning

Child proof medicines

child resistant packaging

child resistant regulations

infant fine motor skills

Food Decay

Wonderopolis -Why does food rot?

Leaf tv-food decomposition

how food spoils?

mocomi-why does food spoil

Cell Phone Amplifiers



how sound travels

explain that stuff-sound

how amplifiers work

which pain killer dissolves faster?

research questions

  • What types of pain relievers are there? How do they differ?
  • Where does the digestive system absorb medication?
  • What exactly is dissolving?
  • How do pharmaceutical companies make medicine that will dissolve in a certain part of the digestive system?

history of acetominophen

OTC pain relievers

Ducksers-What is dissolving?

Pain relievers Harvard


Merck Manual-drug absorption

Canadian GI Society-Are the coats on pills the right for your gut

NCBI-using oral medications

FDA safety page Delayed release vs extended release


DNA Ducksters

animals vs plant cells

genomic differences strawberry and animal

how frozen fruit is processed

Do it yourself strawberry dna


Yeast BBC

The science of Yeast

Red Star -What is Yeast?


made how -Gelatin

What is Jell-O?

How Jello Works

kitchen chemistry-history and science of jello

Pineapple in Jello?



  • What are candles made of?
  • What is the history of candles?
  • Why/how do candles melt/burn?
  • What things are added to candles

National Candle  Great site with info on candles

How Stuff works Candles

How do candles work?

Bozeman Science: Why do candles burn?

colorants of candles

National Candle Association -Science Projects


possible research Questions:

  • Where does popcorn come from?
  • What types of corn /popcorn are there?
  • Why does popcorn "pop"?
    • What is the science behind it?
  • What is the history of popping corn?
  • What ways are there to pop corn?

Popcorn history From Seed to snack

What makes popcorn pop?

ACS: Secret science of popcorn

science behind popcorn popping (go to background)

Physics 101: how a popcorn kernel pops


Food Network Cookie Dunking

Chocolate chip cookies and milk

absorption definition

absorption vs adsorption

Planes/ Paper Air Planes

research questions:

  • How do planes fly?
  • What wing styles do planes have?
  • What is a brief history of flight?
  • What is the science behind flight?

aviation for kids

How do planes fly? NASA

Science Fun facts about planes

Explain that Stuff-Airplanes

How Stuff Work? How Airplanes Work.

Paper Airplane Designs

How do paper airplanes fly?

folding paper airplanes

airplane gliders

Motion, how things move

mechanics and motion

Newtons Laws

Newtons Laws 2

intro to motion

khan academy newtons laws forces

forces and motion discover

Energy basics

forces and motion

water rocketry (use background info)

water rocket physics

Water Rocket NASA

forms of energy launching a water rocket

What is a Rocket? NASA

Center of Gravity

Momentum  Momentum

kinetic energy


Catapults/trebuchets/sling shots

Research Questions 

  • What is the history of catapults/trebuchets?
  • How does a catapult/trebuchet work?
  • What are the forces involved when using a catapult/trebuchet?

trebuchet info

scientific american catapult

Mangonel Catapult

scientific american Build a trebuchet

sling shot physics

Marshmallow slingshot

Nat Geo Slingshot science

Ships and boats/ wind /bridges

types of boat hulls

Origami paper boats

how a sailboat works

Archimedes Principal

What is buoyancy? 

Use the background for more info on sailboats  (pinwheel)

water buoyancy, cohesion and adhesion

force of gravity

Why are bridges strong? video

Forces that act on bridges

types of bridges

Tension and compression forces on bridges

Brain pop Bridges (Bridgecherry brainpop)


Environmental, recycling, water filtration

research questions

  • Why should water be filtered?
  • What types of water filters are there?
  • What materials are used commonly to filter water?
  • What things can/cannot be filtered from water?

EPA Water filtration

Materials for water filter ideas

bio-water filters

Homemade water filter

USGS water quality

foam facts

carry your cup


OILSPILL clean up

Oil and chemical spills

Oil spill facts

An Ocean of OIl

Oil characteristics


Guide to impact craters


How are Craters formed? NASA

Physics for kids: gravity

Physics 4 kids: Gravity

Parachutes, gravity, air resistance




what's in a color Chromatography

paper chromatography

history of ink

what is ink?

Khan -Principles of chromatography

Explain that stuff-chromatography

science Olympiad-chromatography

Autumn leaves,

leaf colors

food dye 

chemistry society -food colorings

artificial food dyes

How M&M's are made

Mars brand candy history

wrigley brand candy-skittlesink 


science of stain removal

How do stain removers work?

spot stain removal

chemistry of stain removal

smithsonian stain removal

cleaning institute stain removal chart

how stuff works, stain removal

old fashioned stain removers

science of stain removal

popular science stain removal

chemistry of stain removal

stain info graphic

Chemistry:  solutions, states of matter, changes in state, chemical reactions, density, viscosity



Active wild -Density

properties of matter -live science

chemistry 4 kids variety

Crash course-non newtonian fluids

Mpemba effect

mpemba effect 2


  Evaporation Keeping things cool

changes in state

chemistry topics ducksters

Phases of matter-NASA

liquid facts

changes in matter


acids and bases-science buddies

acids and bases natural indicators

facts about acids

acids and bases ducksters

What is the pH scale?

drinks destroy teeth

livestrong-acid candy

  ANTACIDS  How do antacids work

History of Antacids

antacid diet treatments

How do antacids work


Chemical Changes

Elephant toothpaste-scroll to "What's happening"

Using Hydrogen Peroxide



corrosion of metals

livescience copper


bubbles for kids

bubble science

science of bubbles

blowing bubbles science

exploratorium bubbles


POLYMER plastics, slimes , plastic bags 

The science of slime

polymer basics

science fun with polymers

amazing polymers

monomers, polymers and plastics

ziplock bags

reclosable bags

plastic wrap for food safety

plastic wrap



Research Questions

What are crystals (in science)?

What are the properties of crystals?

What shapes are crystals?

How do crystals form in nature?

What is the science behind crystal formation?

Sciencing: What is a crystal and how does it form?




Water bottles

pH of water

pH of skin

  Center of Gravity

Momentum  Momentum

kinetic energy








Research Questions:

What is electricity? How does it move? How is electricity measured?

What is a circuit? Types of circuits?What are the parts of a circuit?

What is it in fruit/vegetables that produces electricity?

What are insulators of electricity?  Conductors of electricity?

how batteries work

how electric circuits work

intro to electricity

electricity basics

Why do citrus fruits produce electricity

Electrolytes in orange juice and sports drinks

what are electrolytes

Bite size -liquid conductors of electricity

DK circuit

conductors-physical property

electrical conductors and insulators

electrical conductors

Art of Conductive Play dough




what is an electromagnet

electromagnetism and electric motors


electric motors

electricity and magnetism

Magnetism introduction

Magic of Magnetism

How is magnetism measured?-



Science behind cell phone batteries

Cell Phone battery science

the physics of cell phones


toilet paper/paper towels/paper

toilet paper history

toilet paper history 2

charmin toilet paper

Paper Towel History

How do papertowels absorb water?

What is capillary action

cohesion and adhesion


Possible research questions (depending on project):

  • What are the parts of a seed?
  • What is germination?
  • What do seeds need to germinate?
  • What are the parts of a plant? the functions of the plant parts?
  • How do plants get their food?
  • How do plants reproduce?


plant structure

Duckster biology of plants

colored flowers

how water goes UP a plant


plants for kids Germination

Seed Germination

carbon cycle

carbon in the environment

ducksters carbon cycle

CO2 and plants NASA

Heat Energy

warming plants

pollinations, seed fruit development

Fruit seed plants   fruit

Fruit flowering plants   Fruit


Kids gardening: how to: hydroponics

NPS: Hydroponics a better way to grow food

Hydroponics in the classroom power point

Explain that stuff: Hydroponics

Seattle Pi Hydroponics Science Fair

lettuce indoors

hydroponics in a bottle

epic gardening: hydroponics for kids

hydroponics vs soil project hydroponics vs soil -make it your own




Fruit and Vitamin C 

Vitamin C info


Autumn leaves




Light bulbs and heat transfer

LiveScience infographic on lightbulbs history of the lightbulb







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