science fair research websites 2019



Here are some research questions to find the answer to about mummification:

  • What exactly is mummification?
  • What conditions cause this to happen?
  • How do people historically cause mummfication to occur?
  • Does mummification occur naturally? How?

Nat Geo How to make a mummy

scientific American Science Behind mummification

History Mummies in Ancient Egypt

What is Desiccation?

Lego gummy mummies ( make it your own)



Some questions to help with your research:

  • What are the parts of an egg?
  • What happens when eggs are boiled? cooked? 
  • What are suggested methods to peel an egg easily?
  • What is the nutritional value of eggs?

Why do eggs "hard boil"?

The science Behind boiling an egg

structure of an egg

exporatorium -structure of an egg

Cook's illustrated: Easy Peel Hard cooked eggs

Science of cooking : boiled eggs

Science Friday -1,2,3's of hardcooked eggs




Questions to help with research:

  • What is light?
  • How does light move? 
  • What affects the speed of light?

The speed of light and the index of refraction

Law of refraction sample project

Optics for kids, Snell's law, reflection, refraction

The physics classroom: Snell's La

Physics 4Kids optics. with video

International year of light-light in nature

How stuff works-Rainbows

Science Learning Hub: Refraction of light



questions to help with research

  • What laws are there about public drinking water?
  • What are benefits of drinking water?
  • What is the optimal temperature that water should be for drinking?
  • Where does the water fountain  water come from?
  • How can drinking water be tested? What should it be tested for?

PBS;Water treatment plant video

CDC: benefits and access to drinking water

Safe water in schools

drinking fountains and public health

CDC safe drinking water act

science news for kids: Analyze this

drinking water for kids

water facts for kids

chart of safe levels

More information on WATER IN YOUR BODY-  HYDRATION




Questions to help with research:

  • Why do materials absorb?
  • What is the difference between natural fibers and synthetic fibrers?
  • How does absorpency happen?
  • Do all materials absorb the same? Do all materials absorb the same?


science direct-fabric absorbence

various fabrics and characteristics

Why is cotton absorbent?

How stuff works-why is cotton more absorbent than nylon?

UCSB science line -How does water affect fabric

Useful bit of info focus on reuseable diapers

types of fibers and characteristics

cotton vs synthetic fibers-characteristics

absorbent fabric in textile industry

beakerlife: walking water rainbow (must make it an experiment with variables!)

How do papertowels absorb water?

What is capillary action

cohesion and adhesion




Questions for research;

  • What is the history of parachutes?
  • How do parachutes work?
  • What are the types and parts of a parachute?
  • What materials are parachutes made of?
  • What are the uses for parachutes?

Explain that stuff-how do parachutes work

kinooze-how does a parachute work?

Parachute types

parachute information history, types etc

Parachute materials

GCSE Science; how forces affect skydiver video

scientific american -skydiving science

sciencing -parachute uses today

NASA video on parachute

Kids Discover: Parachutes, gravity and air pressure


questions about skyscrapers to answer:

  • What exactly is a skyscraper?
  • What are the oldest, tallest, longest lasting skyscrapers?
  • What are the styles of skyscrapers?
  • What materials are skyscrapers made of?
  • How are skyscrapers built?

how stuff works-skyscrapers

How stuff works-sky scrapers + wind resistance

crazy physics behind why skyscrapers keep breaking records

how do skyscrapers work?

how tall builidings tame the wind. video

Made how-skyscrapers

How it works-skyscraper-video

skyscraper shapes and wind forces project

interesting video on skyscrapers and history

Geometry and form in tall buildings-advanced but has diagrams



Rersearch Questions:

  • How do balls bounce?
  • What are balls made of?
  • What is potential and kinetic energy?
  • How are balls different from each other?

Khan Academy: The science of bouncing video

Sport Rec-Why do balls bounce differently?

Physics Central: Bouncing Ball

Science Made fun: Science of Basketball



possible research Questions:

  • Why do fruits/vegetables turn brown?
  • What is oxidation?
  • Which fruits/vegetables turn brown?
  • Can the brown hurt you?
  • What are the suggested methods for preventing browning?

Brittanica - Why do Apples turn brown?

Scientific American: Why cut apples turn brown?

LEAF How to stop Fruit vegetable oxidation

scientificamerican: Enzymatic Browning

LOVE FOOD-enzymic Browning



Questions for research:

  • What is a pendulum? Parts of a pendulum?
  • What are the different types of pendulums?
  • What is the History  of pendulums?
  • What are the uses of pendulums?
  • How does a pendulum work?

Sciencing; Why does a pendulum swing?

Sciencing: types of pendulums

Mr. Wizard-How does a pendulum work? Video

Science online: Pendulum and Galileo

science buddies: Pendulums



Berkely: Astrology, is it scientific? Constellations, Zodiac Constellation names Constellations and the calendar

Science explorer: Is there any science behind astrology

Astrological Zodiac Traits/ Sun Sign Personalities

Lumen Learning: Astrology and Astronomy

Lesley University: The science of personality development



Research Questions

  • Why does water boil?
  • What causes water to boil?
  • What happens when something boils?
  • How can the boiling point of water be changed?

Moomoo math &science-Boiling point and melting point physical properties

Ducksters -solutions and dissolving

Chem4kids: Changes in states of matter

Sciencing: Factors that affect the boiling point



Research questions:

  • What is cohesion?
  • What is adhesion?
  • Why are particles 
  • Where does surface tension happen outside of the science room?

Science news for kids: Scientists Say surface tension

USGS Surface tension and Water

Amoeba Sisters: Properties of water

Surface tension: Why are drops spherical? video



research Questions:

  • What is heat? What is temperature?
  • How does heat move (heat transfer)?
  • What are insulators and conductors?
  • What materials can stop heat from moving? 
  • What is ice? 


Cool kid facts: heat

Scientific American: thermal insulation

Real world physics problems: Heat transfer

Kids Science: Heat conductors and insulators

CK12: thermal insulators and conductors

Sciencing: Best insulators to keep water hot

Kids Discover: heat, cold and energy: the science of ice



Flight Literacy: Altitudes affect on...

University of Illinois: Physics of baseball

effects of altitude on a baseball pitch

relationship between runs scored and stadium elevationn

Power of Suggestion