Bones & Human Body Information

We will learn the names of the major bones of the human body.  

Do you know what your Upper Arm bone is named?

Do you know the strongest bone in your body?

Do you know where the smallest bone in your body is?

Do you know how many bones you have as a child? as an adult?


Learn about Bones and the Human Body from the sites below:


a.  20 terms human bones

b.  15 terms (with images) human bones

c.  15 terms human bones

d.  17 terms human bones


1.  Kids Health "How the Body Works"  Select and learn about bones and complete Quiz

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3.  Bones Quiz

3.a  Skeleton information from Baylor U

4.  Drag and Drop Bones from My Schoolhouse

5.  Label Diagrams of Both Human and Animal Skeletons

6.  Quia Multiple Choice Bones Activity


7.  Label Skeleton  - Drag and Drop activity

8.  Quia Rags to Riches Game

9.  Skeleton Tutorial - Informative!


10.  Quia Multiple Choice Game

11.  Skeleton put together (easy)

12.  Quia Multiple Choice game


13.  Good Skeleton Information from London

14.  Explore the Human Body from National Geographic

15.  Bone Biology for Kids


16.  Skeleton X-Rays from e-Learning for kids

17.  Kidport  The Human Skeleton

18.  Bits and Bones  A Guide to the Human Skeleton