Compound Machines Activities

Activities and Games for simple and compound machines.

Play at school or at home.

Can I hear a "Yay, Me!!"

These will help you prepare for any tests or quizzes.

 1.  Edheads Compound Machine site.  Can you score 120 points?

2. Quia pop up game.  Can you get a perfect score?

3.  Quia quiz game.  What score did you get?  Must get 16 correct for a "Yay, Me!"

4.  Another quia game.  How did you score?  Did you get both coins?

5.  Quia multiple choice game.  Can you get all of them correct?  Play again for new matches!

6.  Level B Simple Machines Test

7.  EdHeads Simple Machines Post Test

8.  Matching Activity Science Review


9.  Simple Machines Quiz 01

10.  Simple Machines Quiz 02

11.  Simple Machines Quiz 03

12.  Simple Machines Quiz 04