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CORSE Scientific Explorers - Spring 2017

My Afterschool Class, Scientific ExplorersSponsored by the CORSE Foundation will be combined with the Computer Explorers to be a new class:  

Best Buddies (for grades 4-6).

The class will cover several aviation and space topics including how airplanes fly, how rockets work, planets, space travel (shuttles and ISS).  Each year we take a fantastic field trip and we hope to return this year.  We also hope to be able to schedule the STARLAB planetarium for one of the classes.

Please check out the links and websites below:

20 Fun Learning Sites on Space, Planets, Airplanes, and More!

1.  Amazing Space Site

2.  Cool Site with information on the sky and the sea

3.  Enchanted Learning site on planets

4.  Sky and Telescope magazine site on Observing

5.  Nine (eight, now) planets site

6.  Kids Astronomy site

7.  Kids and Space Site

8.  National Geographic Space site

9.  Star Child Site from NASA

10.  NASA for Kids

11.  How Airplanes Fly

12.  COSMOS for Kids site

13.  Views of the Solar System

14.  Find your AGE on other planets

15.  Find your WEIGHT on other planets

16.  NASA solar system site

17.  Codes and Code Breaking

18.  Paper Airplane folding site #1

19.  Paper Airplane folding site #2

20.  Paper Airplane folding site #3

11 Fun Learning Activities (Games)!

1.  Rags to Riches game 1

2.  Rags to Riches game 2

3.  Rags to Riches game 3

4.  Fill in the blank game 1

5.  Matching game on solar system

6.  Matching game on solar system

7.  Drop and Drag Diagram on Solary System

8.  Rags to Riches game #1

9.  Rags to Riches game #2

10.  Rags to Riches game #3

11.  Matching game on Solary System



Get 2 Months for $5!