Expectations and Rules

Expectations in Grade Five:

  • Show Respect to Staff, Classmates, and the School
  • Be prepared to learn (come to class ready with all supplies and materials)
  • Be a good listener (listen to all teachers and staff, listen to your classmates)
  • Be helpful to others (science is best learned by teamwork and discussion of observations and results)

Science Safety Rules:

  • Use Science materials correctly
  • Treat living organisms well (insects, worms, ants are all part of science)
  • Listen to and follow directions from teachers
  • Be clean and neat while working
  • Clean up when finished
  • Protect your self (Don't look at the sun, don't eat anything in class, wear goggles or gloves as needed)
  • Think about what you are doing  (Don't smell, eat, or drink anything during an experiment)