FOSSIL Information

Parents:  If you have any indoor plants that you would like to donate to our class please send them in with your child or drop them off at my door.  We would accept hanging plants, flowering plants, or cati.

We have finished our study of simple machines.  Students learned about levers, inclined planes, screws, wedges, pulleys, and the wheel and axle.  Students all used a hammer and a screwdriver and all used a saw to cut a 2 by 4!!

Fossils (and their relationship to Rocks and Minerals)

We will complete a quick review of Fossils over the next few weeks.

Students should know the following terms:

fossils, index fossil, trace fossil, cast, mold, paleontology, Pangea.

If your family has any Fossil or rock or mineral samples that we could use in class we would greatly appreciate it.

Fossil Test Date will be determined later.

Review your 3 page packet and the end of lesson questions done in class.

Some questions that students should know the answers to:

What is Pangea?

How did the continents form?

In what type of rock would you expect to find most fossils?

How do index fossils help scientists?

What is continental drift?

How do fossils help us understand the history of Earth?

Describe how a fossil could be formed.

How are some modern animals different than their ancestors?

What would you infer if you found a fish fossil below a desert?

If you a looking for fossils on a rock wall, where would you expect to find the youngest fossils?  the oldest fossils?

Why do you not find many fossils in metamorphic rock? and not in igneous rock?