Homeroom Activities 2016-7

Writng Assignments Fall 2016

Current Assignment:

Assignment will be posted when school begins!


Many writing assignments will be completed on Google Classroom.  Each student has a Google Classroom account and has joined the Grade Five Classrooms.

Students will be given various writing assignments throughout the year.

Assignments may include poetry, fantasy stories, realistic fiction, personal narratives, business and personal letters, and others.

Assignments must be turned in by the due date (can be turned in early).

Many assignments will begin in school and will need to be finished at home.

Most assignments will be handwritten.  Some assignments may be typed (by the student).

Edited drafts will often be required to be turned in with the final copy.

All writing assignments should be in paragraph format with neat handwriting and proper spacing.  Students will be graded on content, grammar, punctuation, neatness, and spelling.

Parents should review and edit their child's writing.

Previous assignments: