Landforms Information

We are completing a unit on Landforms.

Students will learn various types of land and water features, how to read and interpret maps, how landforms are created, how landforms change over time, and will learn to view landforms in different ways.

Great website to view landform pictures, maps, and definitions:

This website will provide definitions used for upcoming quizzes and tests.

Terms students should become familiar with include:


 mountains hills  valleys  terrain  elevation  geography 
 canyon plateau  mesa  lake  island   topography
 landform glacier  sand dune  plains  volcano  delta 
 bay gulf   sand spit earthquake  epicenter   sinkhole
 continental plate      Richter Scale   barrier island  fault Pangea  magma 
 erosion weathering  deposition   crust  Tectonic plate  lava







Students will view maps, create bird's eye views of different areas, construct models of land features, and model erosion and depostion.