Landforms Websites

April and May 2014

We will be completing our unit on Landforms over the next few weeks. 


a.  Landforms 1 Quiz on Neo-K12

b.  Landforms 2 Quiz on Neo-K12

c.  Landforms 3 Quiz on Neo-K12

d.  Study Jams on Scholastic

Go to Landforms and Rocks and Minerals

***Go to Landforms and Rocks and Minerals on Study Jams****


The following are some websites for Landforms.


Use A, B, and C to make your Landforms Booklet.

A.  Great Landform Glossary

B.  World Landforms Glossary

C. Definitions of many types of landforms and water features.


a.  fossweb site for landforms

b.  Good listing and description of various landforms/water features

c.  "Ology" site for earth


Games and activities for Landforms

1.  Quia Easy Matching Landforms

2.  Quia Medium Matching Landforms

3.  Quia Tougher Matching Landforms

4.  Landform quiz  Good One!  Try it!

5.  Quia Hard Matching Landforms  Try It!!

6.  Quia Matching Landforms Quiz

7.  Good Quia Landforms Quiz

8.  Quia General Science Terms Matching Game

Quizlet sets for Learning Landforms