Mr. English's Grade 5 Science

Welcome to Grade 5 Science

 Jenkins School

Scituate, Massachusetts 


Welcome to Mr. English's Science Website

Grade 5, Jenkins Elementary School

Scituate, MA

Students have a Google Apps for Education Account (GAFE).  

The GAFE account can only be used within the district's system.  

This account will allow students to create documents and presentations and share them with teachers and other students.  

The Google Classroom will allow easy sharing and collaboration.

Mr. English's students completed many activities and assignments using Classroom Google last year and this year's students will use Classroom Google in new and exciting ways.  Classroom Google allows students to view and complete assignments from any device with google. 

If you have any questions, please contact either Mr. English or Mrs. Foley, the elementary technology specialist.

Welcome to the Jenkins Grade 5 Science website!  

This website will provide you with learning activities, online tests, definitions, upcoming test dates, project information and much more.

We will use this website at school and you should bookmark it at home and go to it often.

This page will have information for parents and families regarding science and school events at Jenkins.

This Science Site has over 50 pages filled with activities and information for grade 5 students.  

For each science topic/unit, there are several pages of activities and information.

During the school year, pages will be open and added to this site as we begin new units.

Students will visit this site often in class and parents should visit with their children to learn the topics we cover.

Thanks for visiting this site.  Hope you found it informative and useful.

Please let me know if a link is broken or not working.  Thanks!

I am looking forward to a wonderful year of science!  Our days will be filled with experiments, observations, explorations, and much more.

A note for parents:  This site is primarily designed for your child to use to fulfill his or her curiosity on a science topic, to study for a test or quiz, to show you what we are learning about in class, and to learn about science!  Parents should check this site often as site will have information on topics being covered, vocabulary words and definitions, project requirements, and much more.  Please do not hesitate to email me if you have any questions or issues.

Mr. Rick English, Grade 5 Science, Room 211, Jenkins School, Scituate, MA

Please visit this website to check on our current science concepts and to connect to websites we have visited in class. 

We will be doing many fun learning activities during the year including:

experiments and demonstrations,

projects and reports,

outdoor activities and outdoor classroom,

computer and technology learning,

field trips and much more!!