Project - Animal: Slide Show and Inspiration

Science Project

Slide Show, Inspiration & Animal Project

Project Discussed in class in early March.

Project assigned on Wednesday, March 8.

Parents can and should assist their child in collecting facts and information, completing the notes sheets/drafts, and the poster.  After completing the Inspiration draft, the final Inspiration is completed at school and / or at home using Inspiration Software (on student's Launchpad).  Google slide show can be completed at home on google classroom.

Project Parts:

Signed sheet & book     10 points (participation grade)

Poster                                 50 points (project grade)

Notes sheet                      25 points (writing grade)

Inspiration                       50 points (project grade)

google Slide Show        50 points (project grade)

Writing                             25 points (writing grade)

Timeline:  (updated March 2017)

Most Project parts (poster, Inspiration, slide show, and drafts) may be turned in early.  

Wednesday, March 8                   Project sheet signed by students and by Mr. English

Wednesday, March 14                  Notes sheet/Inspiration Drafts checked by Mr. English

Monday, March 20                       Posters due

Friday, March 24                           Inspiration Final Print due (one print in B & W)

Week of March 27-31                    Writing completed in class                             

Friday, March 31                            google Slide Show due (on Google Classroom)

Note:  Due dates may be adjusted as needed.

Note:  More time may be given to get the Inspirations done due to classes missing computer lab time and other scheduling issues.


Students should obtain a book about the animal of their choice.

Students may get the book from Jenkins library, a local town library, or see Mr. English if needed. 

The Inspiration Software is available at home and at school and students will have some time in computer lab and in science class (and recess - when available) to input their animal information.

Google slide show is available on google classroom accounts.  Students are able to work on slide show both at home and at school.  Some time will be given during science class.  Time may also be available during computer lab time with homeroom teachers.  Students are always welcome to ask for time during recess to work on Inspiration or slide show.

This project will include using school-based Inspiration Software to create a web of information about an animal, designing an informational poster, creating a google slide show, and writing a short report.

Students will also be required to turn in a notes sheet/draft of their Inspiration web.

Project Information has been discussed in class.  Please email or call if you have any questions. 

Notes sheet/draft will be signed by student and by Mr. English.  Please refer to ASPEN/Google classroom for requirements and due dates.

 Models of project parts are shown in class and posted in the classroom. 

Inspiration software creates a web of information.  Listed below are some ideas for the main parts of the web:

Required parts:            Adaptations         Habitat/Biome           Diet/Food

                Birth and babies                          Size and shape                                Life Information

                 Predators / Prey                          Threats                                              Dangers

                  Special Traits                              Sounds / Communication              Related Animals

                  Food Chain                                    Social Life                                         Family Life

                  Fun Facts                                      Did You Know?                                New Vocabulary

                   Status                                            Life Cycle                                           Survival

Students:  Your book may be written in chapters with titles such as the above,  you should use those titles as your guide for the Inspiration and the Slide Show.  Then use your Notes sheet as a guide for your written report.

Inspiration should include at least 30 bits of information (not including the above headers).  Each bit should be short and informative.  

The above parts will also be used for creating the google slide show for the animal.  Students should use all the available creative features of google slides to enhance their show.

Slide show should be at least 12 slides.  Students should use Animations and Transitions on each slide.  Students should use Word Art and Shape Art on most slides.  Also, Text changes (font, size, color) should be used.  Be creative and make your special!  Create a matching columns slide or a uncover the clues to reveal the answer slide or a Questions and Answers slide to make your show unique and special.

Philosophy of Projects

Students will gain an understanding of time management.

Students will gain an understanding of technology and computer programs.

Students will gain an understanding of following models while including own creativity.

Students will gain an understanding of how to collect, format, and present scientific information.

Students will have fun!