Rocks & Minerals and Fossils

We will be reviewing Rocks, Minerals, and the Rock Cycle over the next few weeks.

 If you have any rock or mineral sample that we could display in the classroom, we would appreciate it.

Cool Check out the following websites to learn more about rocks and minerals:


A.  Main Activity from American Museum of Natural History Ology site


1.  Rock Hounds for Kids "The Place for Kids Who Love Rocks"

2.  Minerology for Kids

3.  Rocks for Kids site


4.  Geography for kids site.  Read and take the quizzes

5.  Mineral Matters

6.  Interactive Rock Cycle and Quizzes


7.  Activities and Quizzes on Rocks

8.  Geo Kids site for both Geology and Geography


Quiz Games and Activities

9.  Quiz fill in the blank

10.  Quia pop up

11.  Quia Rags to Riches game 1


12.  Quia Rags to Riches game 2

13.  Quia Matching game 1

14.  Quia Matching game 2

15.  Quia Matching game 3


A few great fossil websites for you to enjoy:

1.  Fossils at the "ology" site from the AMNH

2.  Fossils for Kids site

3.  Enchanted Learning site for dinosaurs and fossils

4.  BBC site (British Broadcasting Co.) on Prehistoric animals and fossils

5.  San Diego Natural History Museum site on Dinosaurs