Science in Grade Five

In Grade 5, we will do many hands-on activities and some textbook/tradebook work:

Our Main Units of Study are:

  • Environments  -  biomes, ecosystems, food webs, plant growth, types of soil

  • Simple Machines  -  forces, motion, energy, work, hands-on experiments

  • Landforms  -  rock types, weathering, erosion, deposition, how earth changes

  • Changes of State  -  solid, liquid, gas, energy, molecules

In addition to the above, we will cover some shorter units as time permits.

These may include some of the following:

weather                      oceans                           water cycle                      space                         

rocks & minerals         fossils                            magnets                             electricity

light & sound              health & human body       and other review topics as needed

Grade 5 Students take the Science MCAS test in May.

We will prepare for the test with practice Multiple Choice questions and practice Open Response Writing.