Spelling Counts in Grade 5 Science

"Given Words" are words that are spelled correctly in the question or that can be found on the test.  

Students should put the effort into spelling science words correctly.

Science words such as environments, temperate, and sedimentary will often be found in the question or on the test.

Words in the question should be spelled correctly.  These are "Given Words" and good scientists should be able to correctly write given words.

Grade 5 students (and teachers) will make mistakes in spelling but the effort to be correct is critical.


Vocabulary Spelling City can be used by all students to practice new words.

Click on the link below to visit:

Spelling City from Mr. Nyberg


To access games and activities, click on the List name and then select either the Spelling Test, Teach Me, or Play a Game button located above the word list.

Ways to Study Spelling Words:

1.  Write a paragraph using the words.

2.  Write the word and any synonyms for it.

3.  Write the word and any antonyms for it.

4.  Scramble the words and have a friend/parent solve.

5.  Write a poem or a song with the words.

6.  Write a short story with the words.

7.  Type the words on a computer using different fonts.

8.  Write the words using different colors for each letter, each syllable, or each vowel.

9.  Write your words on white board using Expo markers.

10.  Make flashcards using the words.  Write in your best handwriting.