Spring Project - Google Slides Project

Current Project - Science Book Report and Power Point Slide Show

Students in Grade 5 have been assigned a Science Book Report.  Each student has chosen a science topic and obtained a book from either the school or town library.  Students will use Power Point Software to create a book report.  Power Point software is available at school on the Lab computers.  Grade 5 teachers will provide time during their assigned lab times for students to complete the Power Point slide show.

Students will also be tasked to make a poster.  A report will be written in class for this project.

Introduced - March

Assigned - April 

Poster Due - April  (poster paper will be provided by Mr. English and will be passed out around April ).

Report (in class) - early May 

Power Point due - May 

Note 1:  Power Point due date may be adjusted if needed. 

Note 2:  Students are responsible for making up computer lab time if they are absent.  Mr. English will seek available times for extra lab periods.  Students and parents are reminded that a staff member is required to be present while students are in the lab. 

Note 3:  Some Classroom computers may be available during recess with permission and supervision.

Note 4:  Power Point is a wonderful presentation tool.  Students are encouraged to learn and enjoy creating with Power Point.  Project slide show must be created on school computers.  Families should NOT purchase Power Point.  If available at home, students are encouraged to learn and use Power Point but the project must be completed in school.  Please contact Mr. English with any questions or issues.

Four Parts

1.  Signed Sheet

Parent/guardian and Mr. English's signature will be due by April 11, 2013.

Sheet must be turned in with final report.  Final report will be written in class.

2.  Poster

Be creative!  Make others want to read book/gather information.

Use paper provided.

Full name of student  and Homeroom teacher name on bottom right corner.

3.  Report

Report will be written in class.

Will likely be completed in early May 2013.

4.  Power Point Slide Show

Learn and create with power point software!

Read and review information on sheet provided.

Minimum is 12 slides. 

Be creative.  Use all capabilities of Power Point to showcase your ability.  

Include transitions, buttons, word art, clip art, animation, sound, recording, varied backgrounds/color schemes, varied text size, font, and color.