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Water and Weather Webpages

Spend a few minutes gathering information from site A - weather wiz kids then you can go to other numbered sites.

A.  weather wiz kids site  great starting point

B.  Edheads weather activities

C.  Scholastic weather activities

1. take the quizzes

2.  complete the diagram and take the quiz

3.  complete the reading comprehension

4.  review the information and make own diagram

5.  review the information and make/add to own diagram

6.  Quia quiz on water and weather

7.  win a Million dollars in this game

8.  win another million in this game

9.  win yet another million in this quia game

10.  win a fourth million in this quiz game

11.  win more and more from quia

12.  Quia weather

13.  Quia weather

14.  Quia weather matching

15.  Quia weather

16.  Quia weather

17.  Quia quiz


Water Cycle Quizlets

Click on the numbers below to practice vocabulary terms for the water cycle:

a.  9833110

b.  19289201

c.  3392931

d.  16097795

e.  15893754

18.  Weather Game  --  Let me know you played this one for a special prize!!

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