Meet the Teacher!


Welcome to the English Zone


By now we should've already met but in case we haven't please let me introduce myself.   My name is Ms. Randles but I don't mind if you call me Ms. Ally, which is my nickname. I am from America but currently am living and working in Korea.  I love to read books, cook new recipes in my kitchen and explore the outdoors.  I'm sharing this information with you because like you, I am also human and not some strange alien smiley.  So please understand I am here to help you, whenever you need a hand.  On the website, I will share many interesting things, such as books, homework tips and articles that will hopefully help you throughout the year. If you ever are unsure about what homework is due or were absent from class you can also check here.  I encourage you to really explore the website and remember you can do anything you set your mind to.  I look forward to getting to know you and having a wonderful school year.   "  Stay hungry. Stay foolish" ~ Steve Jobs