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How to bet on cricket at Parimatch?

Experts recommend playing in live mode. In this situation, you can easily analyze the course of the game, adding bets during the match—the duration of the games is on average about 5-6 hours (one-day matches) to 3-4 days (first-level competitions). If you do not know where to start betting, then Parimatch cricket is the perfect place for this. Cricket is a sport where sensations are commonplace, so a capper can hit the jackpot with a little understanding of the discipline. However, remember that most results are logical and strong teams win. For example, in the World Cups, Australia achieved five victories, India, and the West Indies team won the title twice each, and Sri Lanka and England became the strongest cricket team in the world only once.


Features of cricket betting

Cappers should note the following aspects of the game of cricket:

In one-day matches, the key role is given to technique and skill, and if the match lasts 3-5 days, then the endurance of rivals comes to the fore. Pay enough attention to the study of statistics—in different periods of the season, teams, and individual performers may be different. Moves of teams affect the performance. Cricket teams are not used to frequent climate changes, so when India comes to South Africa, for example, it takes time to adapt to new conditions, and this often impacts the result.


Where can I bet on cricket?


Bookmakers add discipline to the schedule of events, but the line of tournaments and results is quite scarce, so the cappers prefer international bookmakers -Parimatch. This office is the best of the best. Here you can not be afraid to bet on sports.


What to choose, betting on cricket?


  • Individual total.

  • The best player.

  • The result of a sports match.

  • Total wides or run-outs.

  • Total wounds and wound-outs in one of the teams.


What strategy is suitable for cricket betting?


 Both the strategy of betting on the favorite and on the underdog is suitable here, as well as the strategy of betting on the total less in the late innings, which is suitable for long matches.