Fifth Grade- Friday, March 27

Welcome Back!!!!

It's time for another day of Distance Learning! You're doing great!!!

heart Your Upper Elementary Team


Read the article "Making Pictures Pop", and don't forget to wath the video. It's amazing!

Answer the following questions.

1. What is Matthew Reinhart passionate about?

2. What three subjects does Reinhart combine to make his creations?

3. What pop up art would you like to see him create?

4. Bonus- If you make some pop up art at home, send me a picture!!!


Enjoy the reading for today! :)


Continue working on your vocabulary log. You will work on this all 10 days of distance learning. Add one word a day, or add multiple words each day and begin reviewing for the quiz. It's up to you!



Happy Friday! 

Thanks for your hard work this week. Today, I want to hear about all of the (hopefully) fun things you have been up to. I'm sure you all miss your friends, the sports/hobbies you were involved in, and other things that were normal before this virus came along, but I'm hoping being at home has given you and your family some opportunities to do a few things that you wouldn't have been able to do before. On the same Google doc that you've been completing your writing assignments on, write 1-2 paragraphs (or more) about some of the fun activities and/or moments you've shared with your family over the past 2 weeks. Give me lots of detail! 



Have a family member give you a practice spelling test. A fun thing about not being in a normal school setting is you have a few options for how you want to write your words! You could do it on the Google doc. You could write them on your driveway with chalk, and have your mom/dad email me a picture. You could paint your words on paper (with permission). You could rainbow write your words with markers/crayons! Make it fun. I'm looking forward to seeing a few pictures. :) 


Complete the worksheet Adding and Subtracting Fractions #1-12.  Check your answers with the answer key.  Send me a google doc letting know your score.  

I will be holding a 5th grade help class for adding and subtracting fractions at 9:30 on Monday.   You're welcome to join, but not required.  I'll post the link for the Google Meet with Monday's information.  

If you're struggling with +/- fractions, you may want to attend the help class if you can, as we will have a graded assignment next week.  So, be sure to ask questions if you have any.

Social Studies

The Internet - Online Manners

Watch this brain pop video and then answer the question below in your google doc.

Question 1: What is etiquette?

Question 2: What is a netiquette?

Question 3: Why is it easier to be mean or hurtful on the internet?

Question 4: What is flaming?

Question 5: What is a flame war?

Question 6: What are some things you could do when getting upset by what you see online?

Question 7: How should we as Christians act when using the internet? 


Go to your SS5 google classroom page for you Bible lesson and questions. 


Special Classes



Hello everyone! Starting next week, we are going to be using a virtual robotics program for our STEM activities. It's called CoderZ. Today, I would just like you to get registered for the course. You can see the video below walks you through the whole process. It's really simple-- you follow the link, make your username and password (make it the same as your Google log-In), and you enter a parent's email. THIS EMAIL MUST BE CORRECT because they are going to sigh a permission slip for you to use the site.  I've already emailed your parents, but you are welcome to show them this video and have them help you get all set up. 

After you've watch the video, click this link to sign up:  


Technology- ***Due Today

5th graders must have the following complete by Friday, March 27:

  • Slide presentation on a subject of their choice uploaded to Google Classroom.

    • Minimum of 6 slides. Each slide should have approximately 2 lines of text (font size at least 32) and a picture. 

    • Be creative!  Make it informative and interesting:)

  • Typing Test entitled "Home Test 1" on TypeTastic.  5th Graders should be able to type a minimum of 20 wpm, with at least 90% accuracy, by the end of the school year - using correct homerow technique.


Hello Fifth Grade!

I miss you all so much! I hope you are enjoying your time at home with your family and I hope you are continuing to learn and stretch yourself even as you are learning long- distance.


I have seen a few 3 minute drawings from some of you. Thanks for sharing them! Please know that the 3minute drawing is for you to do when you just want a break from the academics. They are not intended to be a burden or "extra" work. I will be sending art lessons too through videos and neither are required. Both the art lessons and the 3 minute drawings are to be enjoyed as an enrichment and a way to "Be Creative"....You don't have to just "DO" the lessons. I have seen great videos with creative recipes, engineered small machines, and sculpture from some of my students. So you can think outside the box from just the 3 min. drawing or the lessons I give you....


Here is an idea! Turn your 3 minute drawing into more by adding color, or into a sculpture with playdough (if you have it at home), or you could even use chalk, or coal, on the sidewalk as you draw a tree, flower, or your house as your still life. The options are really endless...Just enjoy the process and don't stress whether you "get it done", or not.

Take a breath, hug your family and thank Mom or Dad for working so hard with you!


Keep a lookout for the new videos I will send shortly....

I love and miss you all!

Mrs. T