Fifth Grade- Monday, April 27

Welcome Back!!!!

It's time for another day of Distance Learning! You're doing great!!!

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Today you are going to read an article about dog detectives. When you are finished, answer the following questions. Don't forget to restate the question and use proper capitalization and punctuation.

1. What does Jack do when he picks up a scent?

2. How do they train the dogs to find the exact scent they need them to detect?

3. Yee says that not all dogs are cut out for the job. What skill does she say the dogs need to have to train to be a dog detective?

4. What scent would you train a dog to track down?


Here's today's reading to add to your summary. smiley





















Continue working on your vocabulary log. Remember to choose one of the following choices. 

1. You can make your own vocabulary log with paper. Be sure to include the word, definition, a sentences using your word, and a picture of your word.

2. You can create a document that includes all 10 words to share with me. You can type your word, the definition, a sentence using your word, and you can use clipart for the picture of your word. 

Have fun learning the next set of words. We will have a quiz on them in a few weeks. 

Today's Word: 

Contrite- feeling regret or guilt for something you have done



Continue working on your script for your social studies project. If you think you are finished, you may begin self-editing and revising. Please do your edits in a different color font than your orignial work, so I can see what you have edited! Also, Consider the 6 traits of writing we have been working on all year: ideas, organization, sentence fluency, writer's voice, word choice, and mechanics (the grammar part of writing). 

Please make sure you have shared that document with both Mr. Williams and me. I am working on reading and editng everyone's script, so be on the lookout for a comment from me!  



Please glance at your words for this week.  Also, I have good news! YOU'LL BE TAKING YOUR LAST SPELLING TEST FOR THE YEAR ON THURSDAY, laugh so do your best to finish strong! Click on 5th Grade: Unit 28. 



We are staring a new skill this week: Multiplying fractions by whole numbers!  Believe it or not, it's much easier than adding and subtraction fractions!  smileyPlease watch the video that I've posted in our Google Classroom. 

Then, complete the practice on Monday's Spiral Work:




Social Studies:


Check your scripts for grammatical and spelling errorr.





















1 Peter 2:1

P = Prayer 

Meditate and reflect on if your life follows the big idea of the verse, have you been doing what scripture tells you. Journal why or why not. 

Pray to God in a quiet and peaceful place for strength and guidance to live out the big Idea. 



Special Classes



Hello everyone! I'll be checking today to make sure everyone is on-track for CoderZ.

Today, you will be doing Mission 3 (Divide) and Mission 4 (Divide Differently) for Frozen Island. Before you do these, watch this video from me-- you'll find some helpful tips and tricks that will save you a lot of time on CoderZ ;) 



Due Friday, May 1: