Fifth Grade- Monday, May 4

Welcome Back!!!!

It's time for another day of Distance Learning! You're doing great!!!

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Today you are going to read another debate about e-sports. After you read, answer the following questions.

1. What is the arguement that supports e-sports as a real sporting event?

2. What is the arguement against e-sports as a real sporting event?

3. What is your opinion? Explain your answer.


Your quiz is TOMORROW. Use today to study and prepare. It's your last one, so finish strong.smiley


Enjoy today's reading of A Long Walk to Water.



*Check your school email to make sure I haven't emailed you asking for missing work. :) 

Continue memorizing your social studies script, but we are going to move on to other writing activities. 

On your grammar/writing google doc, write at least a paragraph (5-7 sentences) about your favorite type of writing. Do you like informational writing? Fictional writing? Do you like writing mysteries? What about comedy? Make sure you explain why you like it, but make sure your reasons are thoughtful. "It is fun" is not the most thoughtful reason. Maybe you like informational writing because you enjoy researching and learning about history. Maybe you like writing fictional stories because you like to have the creative freedom to make up an entire new world. Maybe you like personal narratives because you like expressing yourself. Be detailed! 




Feel free to play games from previous lists!



Monday Spiral:


Social Studies

Work to memorize your script. 


Complete the S and O portio of the Soap model for this verse.

19 So you are no longer outsiders and strangers. You are citizens together with God’s people. You are also members of God’s family.

Ephesians 2:19 

S= Scripture


Special Classes



Today we'll be starting a new CoderZ unit- The Lost City! Do mission 1 (Measure), mission 2 (Wait), and Mssion 3 (Measure your Weight).

Here's the link :)



Spreadsheet Project #3 -