Fifth Grade- Thursday, April 23

Welcome Back!!!!

It's time for another day of Distance Learning! You're doing great!!!

heart Your Upper Elementary Team


Today in reading, you are going to read a passage I have placed in your Reading Google Classroom titled "Bring in the Beavers!" Find the assignment, and answer 10 multiple choice questions. Good Luck!laugh

***Any class that has 100% participation in getting this done and turned in TODAY by 5:00, I will give an extra bonus point to every student in the class. Who wants a 101???


Enjoy today's reading of A Long Walk to Water. Be sure to do a great job on your summaries and share it with me. :)




















Continue working on your vocabulary log. Remember to choose one of the following choices. 

1. You can make your own vocabulary log with paper. Be sure to include the word, definition, a sentences using your word, and a picture of your word.

2. You can create a document that includes all 10 words to share with me. You can type your word, the definition, a sentence using your word, and you can use clipart for the picture of your word. 

Have fun learning the next set of words. We will have a quiz on them in a few weeks. 

Today's Word: 

laborious- (about a task) requiring considerable effort or time



Hey friends! So Mr. Williams and I have been talking, and he told me all about the fun research project you're doing in his class. Over the next week, you're going to be working on that project in his class and in my class. Now that you've conducted some research and gained some information on your person, we are going to begin discussing how to transform that information into a script. Below, I have attached an example of well-written informational writing on Susan B. Anthony. Take a moment to read through it. *This is written in 3rd person, but remember, you'll be writing as if you ARE that person.* 

Notice how the the writing...

  • Has a strong opening statement 
  • Is organized --> It goes in chronological order, and there are paragraphs separating the different types of information. 
  • Has strong sentence fluency --> The author used a variety of sentence types. 
  • Covers a variety of details about Susan B. Anothy's life 
  • Has a conclusion that summarizes the paper and leaves the reader satisfied 

These are things you should consider when constructing your script. Be thinking about how you want to organize your writing. We will start writing your scripts tomorrow! :) 



Follow this link to complete your spelling test!



Thursday Spiral:

Friday's spiral will be counted as a quiz grade.  Today's spiral is made up of questions that are very similar to tomorrow's quiz.  If you get a question wrong, and don't know why, email me from Google Classroom so we can go over it together.smiley

Social Studies: 



















Double check you information.

  • Do you have the neccessarry amount of information for each section?

  • Is the information of good quality? 




















1 Peter 2:1

O = Observations

Write down what the big Idea is for the verse.

Special Classes


Play the Bingo game from Tuesday, if you haven't already. :)


Hello Fifth Graders and Families!

How did your weaving turn out? Did you try it? Did you weave with painted paper you created?  Did you use ribbons and other objects at your house to add to your weaving? Alex sent me a picture of his weaving project and I heard some others who took their yarn weavings home have completed them. That is great!

I am proud of all of you and how hard you are working at home!


The link to the lessons is still~


Since last week's lesson was pretty involved, and some of you may not have had time to finish it, this week I am offering an assortment of challenges that take you outside to explore the flowers in your yard. If you viewed the last video of our weaving project you will notice that I cut a lot of flowers that are in bloom right now, in my yard. I decided instead of drawing just that large red lily, I would go outside and look at the lily bed for a 3 minute drawing.


Here are some ideas I have for you this week if you finished your weaving.

Explore the videos dated April 21 to see what you want to create with flowers....


They are labeled:

#1- "Floral picture collage"; Look outside around your house and take many pictures of flowers from your yard, then create a digital floral collage of those flowers


#2- "Flower garden chalk drawing"; Use those digital pictures as examples to draw a garden in chalk on your driveway.


#3- "3 minute drawing",....or 5 minute drawing, or as long as you like, with as many details as you like. Just find flowers you think are nice, sit down in front of them and DRAW!


#4- "Finished 3 minute flower drawing"; I brought my drawing inside to finish it with color pencils. Take this as far as you like. You can paint your drawing too!


The possibilities are endless!


Always have fun with your creativity and remember in Luke 12:27, we are to "consider the lilies, how they grow"....They don't worry. They are all beautiful in their design and they don't worry about how they look or how God designed them, and neither should WE. God loves each one of you and has designed you beautifully with a purpose! He loves you and so do I!

Mrs. T