Fifth Grade- Tuesday, April 14

Welcome Back!!!!

It's time for another day of Distance Learning! You're doing great!!!

heart Your Upper Elementary Team


It's time for another exciting article. This one caught my eye because it reminds me of The True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle. Have fun reading, and then answer the questions on your Google Doc and share it with me. Feel free to start a new Google Doc if yours is getting quite long.

*** Don't forget to restate the question and use capital letters and correct punctuation.

1. Why is Barry Clifford convinced that there is a sunken treasure off the coast of Massachusetts?

2. How did the treasure get there?

3. What are 3 facts about pirates described in this article?

4. What would you do if you found a hidden treasure like Barry Clifford did?


Enjoy today's reading of A Long Walk to Watersmiley


It's time to start a new vocabulary log. Since I'm unable to give you the pages I usually give you, I am going to let you choose one of two options for your new vocabulary log. 

1. You can make your own vocabulary log with paper. Be sure to include the word, definition, a sentences using your word, and a picture of your word.

2. You can create a document that includes all 10 words to share with me. You can type your word, the definition, a sentence using your word, and you can use clipart for the picture of your word. 

Have fun learning the next set of words. We will have a quiz on them in a few weeks. 

Today's Word-

dubious- hesitating or doubting



This week we are going to work on incorporating three grammar skills you have recently learned into an informational writing piece. Later this week, you are going to use appositives, adverbs, and adjectives in order to write an informational essay about an animal of your choice. I have attached a few links below that you can go to if you need a refresher on appostives, adjectives, and/or adverbs. I have also attached an example writing piece that I'd like you read through. Notice how the author uses a variety of facts and descriptive words to tell you all about clownfish. 

As you know, informational writing consists of only facts, no opinions. Did this author accidentally include an opinion in his/her informational writing? If so, copy that sentence onto your Writing Google doc, and tell me why it is an opinion and not a fact.

BrainPop Username: loganvilleca

BrainPop Password: loganville




Take a look at your spelling words for this week. I know it's a short week, but I need to try and get as many spelling tests in as possible. Because of this, you will be having a spelling test on Thursday! Play at least one game on Spelling City to get familiar with your words. You will click on 5th Grade: Unit 26. 


Spiral Work:

There are several help videos posted in Google Classroom if you need any review.  If you would like for me to make a video for a specific question, comment in Google Classroom.  laugh


Social Studies/Bible

Go to google classroom for the video lesson on the S.O.A.P. Model for bible today.

Special Classes


Due Today, April 14: Take a look at your Video.  If any of your pictures have words along the edge, giving the source of the picture, please crop them off.  It will look cleaner. Since all devices are slightly different, just click on the picture and look for a crop symbol.  **Before cropping, make a note of the source of the picture.  Then, create a slide at the end of your presentation listing the source of all pictures. 

Due Friday, April 17:  Video created from the slide presentation.

  • Do Not "Share" your video with Mrs. Sauers.  It must be "Downloaded" first, then uploaded to Google Classroom.  Miss Helms will then be able to view and grade it from Classroom. 
  • Instructions can be found on Google Clasroom.  You may also follow this link to Spark Video instructions



Hi friends, I sure do miss you, and I would love to see what kind of physical activity you are doing at home. This week I would like you to fill out this activity log on the days you normally have PE as a special and then send me copy.  :)