Fourth Grade- Friday, April 24

Welcome Back!!!!

It's time for another day of Distance Learning! You're doing great!!!

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Today you are going to watch another video from Mrs. Smekens. I love her videos because she is so enthusiastic and expressive! After you watch the video about making inferences, you are going to complete her assignment at the end. She is going to show you 3 pictures. I want you to tell me what you can infer from each picture that she shows you. You do not need to make a magnifying glass, just pretend you have one. I can't wait to see your inferencing results! The attachments below are the SAME video. I'm just attaching them 2 ways in case you have any trouble. wink

I hope you enjoy today's Mrs. Frisby reading. See if you can make some inferences while listening to the story. 



















Continue working on your vocabulary log. Remember to choose one of the following choices. 

1. You can make your own vocabulary log with paper. Be sure to include the word, definition, a sentences using your word, and a picture of your word.

2. You can create a document that includes all 10 words to share with me. You can type your word, the definition, a sentence using your word, and you can use clipart for the picture of your word. 

Have fun learning the next set of words. We will have a quiz on them in a few weeks. 

Today's Word: 

disclose- to make known



Follow the link below to complete your grammar classwork grade for this week! :) 



As long as you completed your spelling test yesterday, you do not have spelling work today! Have a great weekend! 


Friday Quiz link

If you have any questions while you're taking your quiz, email me!  Good luck!


Social Studies:


















Double check your work. Do you have...

- 3 facts about their childhood

- 3 facts about what they did before being president

- 3 facts from during they were president

- 2 facts about after they were presdient 

- 2 quotes from the person 



















1 Peter 2:1

A = Application

Come up with three things you could do to live this big idea out.


Special Classes



Hello! Please watch these 2 videos on BrainPop. Feel free to take notes! Then, take a short quiz on your STEM 4 Google Classroom. You can use the notes you took to help you :) 

username: loganvilleca

password: loganville



Each week you will choose a different option to complete from the choice board. Don't forget to add what choice you complete to your music google classroom. Mrs. Farr can't wait to see what you choose to do. smiley