Fourth Grade- Thursday, April 2

Welcome Back!!!!

It's time for another day of Distance Learning! You're doing great!!!

heart Your Upper Elementary Team


It's time for another fiction story titled "Squeak Twice for Yes." Read the story and answer the following questions.

1. What did Brian learn that his dog could do?

2. How did Sherlock communicate?

3. Why didn't Sherlock perform his trick at the science fair?

4. What did Ophelia say was better than winning first place?

Here's the reading for today.


There will be no new vocabulary words until after Spring Break! smiley



Focus on spelling. 



Follow the link below to take your spelling test. Please read each statement and option carefully, so you don't accidentally select the wrong answer. You may only take your test once. You're going to do great!



Review your Tuesday's Spiral page.  I've made notes on the ones that you missed that might be helpful!

Thursday's spiral work-

I've loaded some videos onto our Google Classroom.  Log in to see how to do some the questions missed from Tuesday's spiral!

Don't forget - Quiz on Friday!  Friday's quiz will cover any of the material that has been on this week's spiral work.  


Social Studies/Bible

Head to google classroom and take Internet - Online Communications Quiz. 


Special Classes


Today and Tomorrow:  Take a look at your Book Trailer slideshow.  If any of your pictures have words along the edge, giving the source of the picture, please crop them off.  It will look cleaner. Since all devices are slightly different, just click on the picture and look for a crop symbol.  **Before cropping, make a note of the source of the picture.  Then, create a slide at the end of your presentation listing the source of all pictures. 

For help in cropping, click on How to Crop and Edit Images in Google Slides.

If you want to get ahead on your Book Trailer video, follow this link to Spark Video instructions. The video will be due April 17. 



Go to your STEM-4 Google Classroom page. I have some videos uploaded there for you :)


If you would like to do the pacer fitness test at home measure out a 20 meter distance outside. click on the link below to start the test. You can email Mrs. Snell with your results at :)