Fourth Grade- Thursday, April 23

Welcome Back!!!!

It's time for another day of Distance Learning! You're doing great!!!

heart Your Upper Elementary Team


Today's story is about a boy who is faced with a really tough decision. Read the article and answer the questions in complete sentences with proper capitalization and punctuation.

1. Why were the boys called W, Y, and Z?

2. What problem does Zander face in the story?

3. What does the man mean when he says there are Keepers and Returners? 

4. Why do you think the man hides the ring in clothes?

5. What would you have done if you found the ring?


Enjoy today's reading of Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIMH. Do a great job on your summaries. :)




















Continue working on your vocabulary log. Remember to choose one of the following choices. 

1. You can make your own vocabulary log with paper. Be sure to include the word, definition, a sentences using your word, and a picture of your word.

2. You can create a document that includes all 10 words to share with me. You can type your word, the definition, a sentence using your word, and you can use clipart for the picture of your word. 

Have fun learning the next set of words. We will have a quiz on them in a few weeks. 

Today's Word: 

plentiful- in great supply, easily available; more than enough



Make sure you have read the comment(s) I left on your Earth Day writing assignment, and you have adjusted your writing accordingly. If you have not done that assignment, go back to Tuesday's page and reread those directions and complete it. If you did complete it and you do not see a comment, that probably means you haven't shared your document with me, and I need you to do that as soon as possible.

If you have done that, then you're good! Focus on spelling. :) 



Follow the link below to take your spelling test. It is easy this week. ;) I know you will do great!



Thursday Spiral

Friday's spiral will count as a quiz grade.  Today's spiral is made up of the same type of questions that will be on tomorrow's quiz.  If you get a question wrong, and don't know why, email me from Google Classroom.  We can go over it before you take the quiz!


Social Studies: 


















Continue your research on,, and Britannica Kids. 

  • Research what they said.

  • Find 2 quotes from the president




















1 Peter 2:1

O = Observations

Write down what the big Idea is for the verse.

Special Classes


Play the Bingo game from Tuesday, if you haven't already. :)



Hello Fourth Graders and Family!

Man, has the weather been glorious. Spring has sprung! How are the flowers in your yard? Mine are exploding... I hope you are able to get outside and "consider the lilies", like the scripture suggests us to do.


The link for your lesson is still~


If you haven't already done so, please view the "O'keeffe Flowers" and "Introduction FLOWERS" videos before you look at the lesson.

This week we will not only appreciate the giant flower paintings of O'Keeffe, but there is another artist I would like to tell you about, Andy Warhol. He was a POP Artist. He took what was "popular" in society and created art. He was a print maker. He would make multiple prints of the same image, but change it slightly with color. That's what we are doing in our lesson. Instead of using popular actors, or even popular soup cans ( as Warhol did ), we are going to look at FLOWERS, which are very popular right now because of SPRING!


The lessons are dated April 16 and entitled-" Flowers- Colorful Pop Art"- A.& B." Flowers- Finished Flowers", is the last video. Please view them in order. A,B,C.


I hope you use your color theory and your amazing creativity to explore the flowers God has given you to "consider" right in your own yard!

Send me pictures of your finished creations. I would love to see them! As always, you don't HAVE to be creative, you GET to!

Love you all!

Mrs. T