Fourth Grade- Thursday, March 26

Welcome Back!!!!

It's time for another day of Distance Learning! You're doing great!!!

heart Your Upper Elementary Team


Read the article about space travel and answer the following questions. 

1. List 3 pros for space travel.

2. List 3 cons for space travel.

3. Would you travel to space? Why or why not?


Here's the reading for today. :)


Continue working on your vocabulary log. You will work on this all 10 days of distance learning. Add one word a day, or add multiple words each day and begin reviewing for the quiz. It's up to you!



Hey guys! I have enjoyed going through your Google docs and reading the writing assignments you have been working on. Today, take a few minutes to carefully edit and revise your writing. It might be helpeful to go through the checklist I have provided below.

  • All important words in your title should be capitalized. 
  • Your title should be centered.
  • Each new paragraph should be indented.
  • The beginning of every sentence and all proper nouns should be capitalized.
  • Try your best to use strong vocabulary words, including adjectives!
  • Include most, if not all, of the information from the questions you answered on Tuesday. 
  • Read your writing out loud to ensure your sentences flow. Using a variety of simple, compound, and complex sentences should help with this. 
  • Have an older family member read your writing to see if they can spot any mistakes you might have missed. 
  • If you can find a picture on the interent that is similar to the description of your monster, that might be a fun idea! 
  • Pat yourself on the back for a job well done! smiley



Play at least one game on Spelling City.



Log onto your Math Google Classroom and complete the Khan Academy Mixed Numbers and Improper Fractions online practice.  I'll get to see your work as soon as you're finished! laughThis is due tomorrow, Friday, March 27th.  


Social Studies/Bible

Listen to today's audio lesson. Afterwards we will look at scripture and answer some questions.

Journal: Think hard boys and girls,  in your life do you look more like the prisoner mocking Jesus by living rebeliously or like the prisoner who honored and knew who Jesus was? Journal your answer and explain why. This can be private and not shared with me.

Then write a thank you letter to God for all that He has done for you. 


Special Classes


4th graders must have the following complete by Friday, March 27:

  • Slide presentation for Book Trailer uploaded to Google Classroom

    • Minimum of 6 slides. Each slide should have approximately 2 lines of text (font size at least 32) and a picture.

    • Be creative!  Persuade me to want to read your book :)

    • Do not add animations or transitions

  • Typing Test entitled "Home Test 1" on TypeTastic.

    • 4th graders should be typing a minimum of 15 wpm, with at least 90% accuracy, by the end of the year - using correct homerow technique.


* Be creative and find things from around the house to create your own obstacle course. Mrs. Snell would love to see what you come up with. :)

Check out Mrs. Snell's obstacle course. :)