Fourth Grade- Thursday, May 14


You did it, and we couldn't be prouder!!! See you at the parade and your Zoom awards meeting tomorrow!

heart Your Upper Elementary Team

Important Reminders

1. Today is our PARADE! YAY! We hope you see you drive by from 3-4. 

2. Please bring any Lambert or Williams books with you to the parade. We will have a box to collect books.

3. Your awards Zoom meeting will be this Friday. Conklin class 10:30, and Williams class 11:15. This will be your last day, and there will be no work assigned. You will receive a Zoom meeting invite by email. 


Today you will watch the video as I recap the books we read this year. After you watch the video, create a Google Doc or go to your Google Reading Classroom, and share with me your 2 favorite books that we've read this year and your 1 least favorite book. Explain to me why it was your favorite or least favorite. What did you like or not like? What drew you into the story or didn't hook you? I look forward to hearing from you. Have a great last day of distance learning!



I can't believe it is already our last day of distance learning. I am so proud of how you have handled all of the change that was thrown your way. If you're coming back to LCA next year, I am so glad I will get to have you in class again! If you are not coming back, I will miss you so much!!! I'll be praying for you on your new journey, but please come back to visit! Whether you're returning to LCA or not, feel free to write me some letters over the summer! I will write you back. :) I have included my address below.

Ms. Helms

642 Breedlove Ct. 

Monroe, GA 30655

For your last writing lesson, on your grammar/writing Google doc, write a paragraph (5-7 sentences) describing some goals or plans you have for the summer. I realize COVID-19 may have changed/will change some plans, but what are some things you would like to do if possible? Make sure to write in complete sentences, and make sure to use correct capitalization and punctuation!! 




Last math assignment for the year!  You've done an amazing job!


Social Studies/Bible

Write: If you could go back and visit one time period that we talked about this year, what would it be and why?