Fourth Grade- Tuesday, May 12

Welcome Back!!!!

Only 3 more days! You're doing great!!!

heart Your Upper Elementary Team

Important Information for your last week.

1. Please turn your assignments in on the day it is assigned. We need to enter your grades in order to get report cards ready.

2. This Wednesday is NOT a Flex Day. It will be a regular school day with assignments.

3. Thursday is our PARADE! YAY! We hope you see you drive by from 3-4. 

4. Tuesday you will have your last Zoom meeting with Ms. Helms and Mrs. Lambert. Conklin class meeting is at 1:00, Williams class meeting is at 1:30. 

5. Your awards Zoom meeting will be this Friday. Conklin class 10:30, and Williams class 11:15. This will be your last day, and there will be no work assigned.

6. Please bring any Lambert or Williams books with you to the parade. We will have a box to collect books.

7. Have a great last week of school!!!


Today in reading, your only job is to listen and take notes on the last chapter of Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIMH, and then take your quiz. The quiz can be found in your Reading Google Classroom. Don't forget to check your answers before you hit submit. You may use your notes to help you if needed. It's your last quiz! Make it your best. smiley



Read the comment(s) I have left on your Google doc next to your comparison writing, and fix your paper accordingly. This will be your last writing test grade, so it is important to do well! If you do not see a comment, that means you have not shared your document with me recently, so please do so! 

Then, follow the link below to complete your last classwork grade for this year. :) Read the directions carefully.




Logic puzzle for those who chose spiral, and those just wanting a challenge

Kite Project: You should be ready to fly your kite, if you haven't already done so!  Have fun, and don't forget to send me the information answering the final questions!  smiley


Social Studies

Put this on your SS/B google Doc

Write about (5 sentence minimum) your favortite memory in Social Studies this year and explain why. 



Put this on your SS/B google Doc

Write about one of the bible lessons you remeber most from this year. Explain why you think it stuck with you.