Methods of Assesing/observing children

Kathryn Gamble
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Try Memory-Boosting Games

Childhood favorites like Memory, Simon Says, and Concentration can boost your child's brainpower. Road trips can be another opportunity to build recollection skills with the help of I Spy type games ("Can you spot the red car?"). Or you can simply get on the floor with your child and play with his toys. Show him the red ball and the blue ball. A few minutes later, take one of them away and see if he can tell you which one is gone.

The Best Tantrum Tricks

We gathered advice from real moms (and a dad!) on how they maneuver around their child's meltdowns.
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Give Her a Squeeze

"It sounds crazy, but sometimes when my 4-year-old throws a tantrum, I give her big hugs. It works almost every time -- if I can control my own temper and anger to remember to give her a big squeeze. I guess it makes her feel safe and reminds her about how much I love her. Normally, after a big hug, we can talk more rationally and address what started the tantrum in the first place."

-- Chris Harbison, West Islip, New York

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