Hello, students:

I am your teacher Manuel Zambrano. Welcome to Personality Theory. The Syllabus is under  Syllabus as you navigate the classroom. With that said, I want everyone to know right away what the final assignment is. The final assignment will be a 10-12 page paper where you will compare two different personality theorist. You will talk about the similarties and their differences. I am being vague about the assignment because it is a relatively simple assignment. There is also the opportunity to write a five page paper for extra credit where you talk from a personal perspective about what personality theory makes the most sense to you, using your own real-life as a guide or inspiration. If you have any questions, you are free to ask.

Why Online course:

E-learning courseware can give students something that they don’t have in a normal classroom environment. I think a class on personality theory inherently invites participation, but in a normal classroom environment, students sometimes are afraid to speak up because they feel they may be subject to ridicule. As far as why personality theory encourages participation, I feel that way because there are so many examples in real life that students can take to back up any ideas they have on what personality theory makes the most sense. I don’t think there are any shortcomings in how the topic is being taught, I just feel that e-learning encourages participation and this class also encourages participation.


I encourage participation above and beyond what is the minimun requirement, but no student will be punished for not going above and beyond. The students that do will be rewarded.

As far as what you will learn in this class goes, the first thing I will say is that many of the names will be familar to you. For example. I'm sure you have all heard of Erik Erikson and Carl Jung. This class will delve deeper into psychologists like Erikson, Jung and many others and how their theory on personality has affects their work, their clients and psychology in general.


Here is some interesting reading to get you started: