Week 1: Introduce yourself on message board.

Week 3: You will watch a mock counseling session based on the personality theory that you vote for. In other words, in the first two weeks you will vote between Jung, Erikson, Adler, Freud, and Rogers. When the votes are tallied, I will run a mock therapy session with the psychologist that gets the most votes and create a YouTube video on it. You will watch the video and then write a 200-300 word response. I will also post the video on the discussion forums so you can interact on the message board as it relates to the video. Students can get extra credit if they create a mock therapy session by the end of the semester and post it to the message board.

Week 5: Case Study: Create your own or choose a case study and you will write a 500 word response on which personality theory is the best theory to help the troubled person in the case study. Also talk about what personality theory is incompatible with the situation.

Week 7: Post your first drafts to your final papers to the message boards. Every student should respond with constructive criticism two at least two other students. If you think the essay that you read and respond to is perfect, tell us why and how the “perfect essay” can help you and help others in the class.