Two quizzes: 10 percent

Discussion/response to discussion/Response to Videos/: 30 percent

Essays/first draft of final essay: 20 percent

Final essay: 40 percent


The grades for the assignments will be determined as follows:

Two quizzes: 10 questions each, 10 points a question

Discussion: More than anything the discussion is to make sure that you know enough about the subject to have an informed discussion on it. The writing can be conversational and as long as the posts are on time and contribute something to the discussion, you will get most, if not all of the discussion points which will help you immensely with your grade.

Paper: The papers must show your mastery of personality theory and it must show your knowledge of more than one personality theorists because as you can see the papers do have some aspect of compare and contrast in them. The thing about the papers that cannot be overlooked is that they must be written well. I must understand what you are trying to communicate or I cannot give you a good grade. Please go the learning center online if you feel you will have trouble with the actual writing part of the essays. I would hate for your good ideas to be wasted because you aren’t a “writer.”