Code of Behavior


CODE OF BEHAVIORv         Never settle for less than your best.v         Arrive to class promptly.v         Be prepared each day with all supplies.v         Begin working when you enter the room.v         Be COOPERATIVE by raising your hand, waiting your turn, and listening when someone else is speaking by RESPECTING each other.v         Keep an organized notebook and portfolios.v         Be considerate of others in the classroom.v         Respect those around you and their property.v         Ask to be excused from the room during class time.v         Homework is due on a timely basis.v         Treat our classroom as you would your home.  Respect school property by keeping your area neat and clean.v         Absolutely no gum chewing, i-pods, cell phones or cards of any kind.v         Never give up on an assignment.  Always keep trying and give it your best shot!