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 2019-2020 Fleming Island Dance Team


Thank you all for attending our clinic and tryouts this week.  Below is the list of dancers making the team.  If you did not make the team this year, please keep dancing!  We hope to see you all back at tryouts next year.  

1. Misaki Schoeppey  *J

2. Taylor Swanson  *J

3.Sydney Billingsley  *J

4. Anna Gardella  *J

5. Halley Heyer

6. Katie Johnson  *J

7. Natalie Krupsky  *J

8.Lindsey Peck  *J

9.Rosie Powell

10. Hailey Sheppard  *J

11. Erica Stadelmaier  *J

12.Emily Thomas

13. Lexi Beall

14. Alexa Biello  *J

15. Sarah Isaac  *J

16. Aprile Mueller  *J

17. Trinity Craig

18. Hattie Heyer


J - indicates an invitation to attend jazz practices this summer.