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This week...

Monday-Areas of 2D figures and 13.3 Areas of Circles & Semicircles

Homework: Online Big Ideas 13.3 (BIO)

Tuesday- 13.4 Areas of Composite Figures 

Homework: Online Big Ideas on 13.4 (BIO)

Wednesday-  Review 

Homework: Online Big Ideas on (BIO)

Thursday- Practice Test and Note Sheet Set-Up

Homework: Online Big Ideas on  (BIO) 

Friday- Test on Chapter 13

Homework: Moby Max


This week...

Monday- ❄️ SNOW DAY ❄️

Homework: N/A

TuesdayMini Assessment (11.1-11.2) 

Homework: Online Big Ideas on 11.2 (BIO)

Wednesday-  Lesson on 11.3  & 11.4 

Homework: Online Big Ideas on 11.3 (BIO)

Thursday- Computer Lab 306  Review 11.1 through 11. 4

Homework: Online Big Ideas on 11.4 (BIO) and Practice Test Extra Credit Opportunity

Friday- Final Test on Chapter 11 (11.1-11.4)

Homework: Moby Max


 ⏯️ 🎥 Tutorial Videos Chapter 11 on Inequalities

Chapter 11. 1

  1. video 1
  2. video 2
  3. video 3

Chapter 11.2 

  1. video 1
  2. video 2
  3. video 3

Chapter 11.3

  1. video 1
  2. video 2
  3. video 3
  4. video 4

Chapter 11.4

  1. video 1
  2. video 2
  3. video 3

All of Chapter 11:  TEST PRACTICE (click here)






Old Material Below


This week...

Monday- Chapter 4.5 and 4.6 Review

Homework: Big Ideas Online on 4.5

Tuesday- Chapter 4.7 

Homework: Big Ideas Online on 4.7

Wednesday- Practice Test with Partners

Homework: Complete Big Ideas Online Review Exercises (STUDY) 

Thursday-      Test over Chapter 4      

Homework: Moby Max

Friday- Begin Chapter on Inequalities

Homework: Moby Max due tonight!


*Extra Credit Possible on Big Ideas Online due by February 8th*


*Study Material for Chapter 4 Below*


*QuickTips|Study Guide*

➡️ Study guide Notes 1 

➡️ Study guide Notes 2 

✏️Practice Test (Chapter 4) ---> Click Here 


Below are tutorial Videos of how to solve problems within each section of Chapter 4.

Chapter 4.1 (Graphing Linear Equations) Helpful Links:

Chapter 4.2 (slope of a line) Helpful Links:

notes from class: Click Here

Chapter 4.2 extension (parallel & perpendicular lines)Helpful Links:

Chapter 4.3 (proportional relationships) Helpful Links:

Chapter 4.4 Helpful Links:

Chapter 4.5 Helpful Links:

Chapter 4.6 Helpful Links:

Chapter 4.7 Helpful Links:

Khan Academy Video on Graphing Linear Equations:

** This new material within Chapter 4 can be challenging, so I will be posting links to help you.**




















Monday- Continue Chapter 4.1 Exercises & Complete Geometry Review Module

Homework: Moby Max and Complete Classwork p. 146 #'s 2-12 ALL

Tuesday-Chapter 4.2 Slope Exercises and 4.2 Parallel and Perpendicular Lines


Wednesday- Chapter 4.3 Graphing Proportional Relationships




Friday- TEST 1 (chapters 4.1-4.3)

Homework: Moby Max due tonight!




  • 1-3 Wednesday- Moby Max
  • 1-4 Thursday- Workbook (record & practice journal) page 72
  • 1-5 Friday- Moby Max (*next due date is 1-12)

Chapter 4.1 (Graphing Linear Equations) Helpful Links:

Khan Academy Video on Graphing Linear Equations:

** This new material within Chapter 4 can be challenging, so I will be posting links to help you.**

This Week 12-11 thru 12-15
  • Monday- Review Solving Equations and Angle Relationships.            Homework: Big Ideas Online due Tues 12-12
  • Tuesday- Chapter 3.2 Angles & Triangles.                                              Homework: Textbook pg 114-115 #’s: 1-3, 4-14 even, 15-26
  • Wednesday- Chapter 3.3                                                                           Homework: Textbook pg. #’s: 1-6, 10-26 even, 27-38
  • Thursday- Chapter 3.4                                                                               Homework: Moby Max
  • Friday- Test over Chapter 3                                                                       Homework: Moby Max due tonight!


This Week 11-13 thru 11-17: Chapter 15 ADV 1 continued
  • Monday- ch. 15.5    Class Notes                     Homework- p. 6 ch. 15.5 practice B
  • Tuesday- ch. 15.6                                          Homework- p. 7 ch. 15.6 practice Begins 
  • Wednesday- ch. 15.7                                     Homework- p. 8 ch. 15.7 practice A 
  • Thursday- Review Chapter 15                        Homework- Practice Quiz (15.5-15.7)  
  • Friday- Test over Chapter 15                        Homework- Moby Max (due Friday Dec. 1st)

Video Tutorials

  Chapter 15.5 (Monday)

Coming Up: Chapter 15 ADV 1 - Percents



Schedule For Week of 11/13- 11/17 (Subject to Change)

Monday: Begin Chapter 15.1 Homework: 15.1 Practice B

Tuesday: Chapter 15.2  Homework: 15.2 Practice A

Wednesday: Chapter 15.3 Homework: 15.3 Practice B

Thursday: Chapter 15.4 & Review Homework: 15.4 Practice A & Study

Friday: Test over 15.1-15.4 Homework: Moby Max (due tonight!)

*See Below for Resources on Chapter 15*

Chapter 14 ADV 1: Proportions, Slope, and Direct Variation

Direct Variation means: Directly Proportional. A relationship between two variables in which one is a constant multiple of the other. In particular, when one variable changes the other changes in proportion to the first. If y is directly proportional to x, the equation is of the form y = kx (where k is a constant). or y=mx  (where the slope (m) is a constant; unit rate).

Equations of any line are in the form y=mx+b (so any lines that have (b) a y-intercept that is not zero are not proportional and do NOT show direct variation). So, an equation of y=5x+4 would NOT show direct variation because it has a y-intercept (b) of 4. To show direct variation the equation has to be in the form y=mx or y=mx+0. 

Slope & Direct Variation Videos:


  1. video
  2. video

Direct Variation 

  1. video
  2. video
  3. video


Chapter 14.1 Videos:



Crosswalk Coach Assignment lesson 9 & 10

Click Here

Week 1 (2nd 6-weeks): Chapter 1 Solving Equations with Variables on Both Sides

**TEST PRACTICE: Click this Link**

Equations with Variables on Both Sides:

Multi-Step Equations:

Week 5 (9/11-9/15) Chapter 13- Solving Equations (see below in week 4 also):

Helpful Resources Solving 2-Step Equations: 

Helpful Resources Solving 1-Step Equations (Add/Sub):

Helpful Resources Solving 1-Step Equations (Mult./Div.)

Week 4 (9/5-9/8) Chapter 13- Expressions and Equations

Helpful Resources Adding/Subtracting Algebraic Expressions:


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