7th/8th Grade Science



Wednesday 9/20: NASA Survival on the Moon 

  • Work individually to create your personal ranking of the items 1 (most important)-15 (least important) 
  • Work with a group to determine your groups ranking of the same items. 
  • Ask for the NASA ranking to score your sheet 
  • See if you survived 

Thursday 9/21: Finish yesterday's task and complete your set-up of your Interactive Science Notebook (see my notebook for help) 

  • Number ALL of your pages (front and back) 
  • Skip page 1 and 2! 
  • Page 3-Glue page 1 of your Pre-thinking notes 
  • Page 4-Glue page 2 of your notes (Step #3) 
  • Page 5-Glue page 3 of your notes (Step #5) 
  • Begin Powerpoint and notes 

Friday 9/22: Complete Powerpoint of Notes 

  • Check your google drive for the powerpoint "

Tuesday 9/26: Scientific Method

  • Study your Scientific Method notes
  • Complete Scientific Method quiz 

Wednesday 9/27: Metric & Customary Measurement 

  • Video-Measurement: The Metric System "Briefly examines the disparity between the U.S. customary and metric systems, explaining who uses the metric system and why and teaching the value of knowing how to convert between the two."
    • (I will have to log you in on one of the desktops) 
      • Take notes throughtout the video (Keep thinking-how is this useful in Science, even though it is a "math" video.) Your notes will be graded. 

Thursday 9/28: 

  • Foldable for notebooks
  • Complete conversion worksheet 
    • Turn in to the 7th or 8th grade science bin under the "just chill" banner. 

Friday 9/29: Achieve article "The Four Branches of Science" 

  • Complete the Achieve article and leave a post-it for Mrs. Gorski on her desk. 

Tuesday 10/3: Pick a side-Customary Measurement or Metric Measurement 

  • find your documentation/evidence; record in your notebooks 

Wednesday 10/4 & Thursday 10/5: Google Classroom

  • Double check the board and make sure you don't have any missing work
    • If you do, turn it on my desk or leave me a post-it note with information 
  • Log in to Google Classroom (invites in email) 
  • Begin completing your Customary vs Metric Notes sheet. 
    • This will be due with your CER and will be extremely helpful to complete your CER. 

Friday 10/6: CNN 10

Monday 10/9: CER 

  • Continue your notes if you need to. We will get one more day to find evidence before starting our CER's. If you do not need the time, use time to work on your ALEKS or Achieve. 


Tuesday 10/10 - Monday 10/16: CER's. 

  • Begin writing your CER's using the template on Google classroom 
    • Fixed as of 10/10 5th hour, please use this document 
  • Once your template is completed, work on your 5 paragraph essay 
    • Directions are on your Google Classroom 
  • By Monday (we may extend the date due to meetings) 10/16, submit: 
    • Customary vs Metric notes
    • CER Template 
    • CER 5 paragraph essay 
  • If you are finished with all the CER components, 

Tuesday 10/17: Complete GoogleForm about Brains 

  • Link on GoogleClassroom 
  • CER's extended until Wednesday due to 8th grade presentations. 
  • Due Wednesday at the end of class: 
    • Customary vs. Metric notes 
    • CER template 
    • CER essay 
    • Achieve article "More Earthquakes? No. More People? Yes. 

If you are done early, double check that you met all the requirements, click turn in and you may work on missing work, ALEKS or your Passion Project. ALL of your CER template SHOULD be completed. 


Thursday 10/19 & Friday 10/20: "Which side are you on?" 

  • Debates between sides if we keep customary measurement or switch to join the 95% using metric measurement 
    • Other math students should use this time to have conversations with their peers. It shuld not just be, "which side were you on" "ok cool" "next". Have an in-depth conversation about the pros/cons to both sides of this debate. While it may go "quicker" with such a small group, I would expect that this takes at least 1 full class period if not longer. 
      • If you can not find anything else to dicuss, you can write an extra credit letter to someone with the power to change (Governor, President, even our Principal if you want it to just be an our school thing) or keep our measurement. Make sure to state your arguements. 
        • If you plan to mail it, make sure I get a copy for your grade first. 


Monday 10/23: Veteran's Day 

  • Write letters to administration, board members and other VIPS for "Honoring Our Veteran's" 

Tuesday 10/24: Veteran's Day 

  • Continue letters and mail 
  • If finished early, create posters for Penny Wars (see board for information) 

Wednesday 10/25: Make-up day & Finish letters to mail 

Thursday 10/26: Join us OR play telephone with your parents! 

Monday 10/30: Brain notes 

  • Log on to GoogleClassroom and complete the "Memory Notes" 
    • Using the links on the top of the worksheet to answer the questions and help define the vocabulary words. 

 Tuesday 10/31: Inside Out-Memory 

  • Go over some of the Memory notes and watch the following clips from Inside Out. 
  • Then answer the questions on Google Classroom. 

Wednesday 11/1: Mnemonic Devices 

  • Work on the Mnemonic Device worksheet to practice memory strategies. 

Thursday 11/2: Write names in braille 


Monday 11/6: Test your braille skills 

  • Take 5-10 minutes to study the braille letters (on google classroom) 
  • Once you are ready, see how many names you can identify in the group. 
  • Then complete the exit ticket (On google classroom) 


Monday 11/27: FInish up! 

  • Complete and Turn in the "Focussing Experiment" on Classroom
    • Completed chart of 6 different trials
    • Responses to the 5 questions
  • Complete the "Blind Spot/Dominant Eye Activity" and show Ms. U your completed responses in your notebooks.
    • Read through the whole activity. It will say what you are to take notes on.
  • Achieve article "Seeing the Light" 
    • 75% or better, complete a different article if your score is lower than 75% 

Tuesday 11/28: Eye Review 

Wednesday 11/29: Eye Test