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Parent -Teacher Association 

The Frank Sinatra School of the Arts Parent-Teacher Association is organized exclusively for charitable, educational, or scientific purposes.  All parents, guardians and parental surrogates of students currently enrolled at FSSA are automatically members of the PTA.  The objectives of the Association include:

(A) To support and enrich the educational goals of FSSA.

(B) To raise funds for materials and services that will help ensure that all FSSA students have access to and opportunities to benefit from a full and enriched public high school experience.

(C) To provide information and foster programs that will encourage and enable parents and guardians of FSSA students to become active, well-informed partners with the School’s administration and faculty in the education of their children.

(D) To provide a forum for parents and guardians of FSSA students to voice their concerns and views with regard to the continued development and improvement of the School.

(E) To foster cooperation and mutual respect among parents and between parents and School administration and faculty.

(F) To promote the ideals of equality and justice and appreciation of cultural diversity among students, teachers, administrators and parents.

(G) To advocate for FSSA and its students before all agencies and officials who have authority or influence over educational policy and/or resources, as well as in the New York community as a whole.

Funds donated to the Parents Association are used to improve the school experience for all.

The PTA helps to pay for art, music, and drama supplies, as well as curriculum enhancements. Parent volunteers donate goods or services and work on fundraising.