Science Zone (Course Syllabus)

Levitt Middle School-

7th grade Science

Intructor- Mrs. Fatimahtene`Saunders


"True learning is figuring out how to use what you already know in order to go beyond what you already think".

Jerome Brunner


Through a basic knowledge of science, students learn about the world, its technology, and its environment and the decisions that must be made to preserve the planet. Science strengthens their ability to think, objectively and creatively. The following topics will be covered throught the school year:

1. Scientific Method     

2. Metric System

3. Graphing

4. Solving Equations

5. Problem Solving

6. Earths Water

7. Chemistry

8. Life Science

Grading Policy:

Students are urged to monitor and record personal dail grades, pop quiz, homework, projects, and other activities.

Quizzes/Lab Activities- 15%          Homework- 10%          Classwork- 20%         Tests- 30%          Science Projects- 25%

Lab Rules:

All safety rules must be followed during lab. Inapropriate behavior during lab will result in the students removal from the lab area, a zero for that assignment, and suspension from subsequent labs until a parental conference is completed.

Classroom Rule:

I have only one classroom rule, and that is to show RESPECT. I expect everyone in my class to be respectful to not only myself but too: 1) Peers     2) All visitors     3) School Property

Homework /Science Projects:

Homework will be assigned four days a week. Students are expected to hand in all homework/projects on time. Work is due when asked for at the beginning of class. Students that submit late homework and or projects will only recieve half credit.  Projects represent a large portion of the student's grade (25%). Failure to complete projects can drastically effect their overall grade.