Welcome Letter

Back to School!

Levitt Middle School

Mrs. Saunders- 7th grade Science

Welcome to seventh grade! I would like to take this opportunity to welcome you and your child to Levitt Middle School. I am looking forward toward the upcoming school year with great anticipation and excitement. I want you to know how pleased I am to have your child in my Science Class. This is my eighth  year teaching in Willingboro and my eleventh year as a Science Teacher. I've taught Physical Science, Chemistry and Earth Space/Science ranging from grades K-9th grade. For three years, I was named, "Master Science Teacher" for grades K-4 in Philadelphia. I received accommodations from the Philadelphia School district for excellence in Science and Curriculum Writing. Four years ago I was named 2006 Teacher of the Year (Memorial Upper Elementary) as well as 2010 Teacher of the Year at Levitt Middle Schoo. I am passionate about teaching my students how to make "real world connections" and relating those experiences to Science. Students will be engage and ask to rise to the challenge of learning and training their mind to think "scientific". I believe in challenging my students to do there very best because failure is not an option.

     Seventh grade is an exciting and challenging year. Students transitioning from sixth to seventh grade can be difficult adjustment academically and socially. Understanding teacher expectations, organization, managing time, homework/projects and social interaction. are new experiences for both students and parents. Parent support is crucial.  As partners, we should both be fully aware of your child’s progress.  Please be vigilant in checking homework, assignments and questioning them if they claim to have "no homework". Building partnerships between parent, student and teacher is key to their success. Throughout the year I will communicate with you through email, telephone calls, interim reports, progress reports and/or parent-teacher conferences.  I encourage you to contact me if you have any questions or concerns anytime. You can send me a note or e-mail me at teach_learn_science@yahoo.com. In closing, I hope that together-you, your child and I- can make this school year rewarding and fulfilling.