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My name is Shawnda Faccinto. I live in Sunbury, Ohio with my husband, David, and our three children. My son, Nicholas, is four years old. Nicholas is very much like his dad. My twins, Anna and Emma, are two years old. Anna has my personality and Emma looks like me. Also, we have a dog, Snow, an American Eskimo, a cat, Toulouse, and some fish.

I enjoy spending time with my family. We cook a lot together; I have three great helpers. I am very interested in genealogy, researching my family. I have even created a web-site of my family tree. Just recently, I have taken up knitting as well. You can find me on under Shawnda75.

My favorite sport is baseball. I'm an avid Yankees fan! Yeah, they finally won a World Series again. Our household is also huge Pittsburgh Steelers and Notre Dame fans.

I graduated from Middletown High School in Middletown, Ohio in 1994. Then, I attended Miami University in Oxford, Ohio. I graduated in December 1997. I completed my Master's degree from Marygrove College through their distance learning program in August 2004. I've also completed post-graduate work from Fresno Pacific, Miami University, and Ohio State.

David, Emma, Nicholas, Anna, Me
David, Emma, Nicholas, Anna, Me
This is my 2nd year at TRECA Digital Academy doing Title I Math. Part of my job involves travelling to Ohio State University monthly for coaching meetings. I have seven years teaching experience, mostly in private schools. In addition, I have over four years editorial experience in writing math materials for textbook companies in grades three through nine. For 2½ years I worked for The McGraw-Hill Companies. Then I did freelance math editiorial work under my co