Vocabulary Accelerated

If you miss the vocabulary video for the week, you are still responsible for turning in a TOD. Please see your teacher for a make-up TOD and use this page to write down the words and definitions.

Be sure to study your lists for your quizzes and tests!

Unit 15 Accelerated- Positive Qualities and Actions 

1.         cherubic (adj.)- sweet and innocent –looking

2.         demure (adj.)- characterized by shyness and modesty

3.         unflinching (adj.)- calm; steady-handed

4.         diligent (adj.)- constant in effort to accomplish something

5.         invincible (adj.)- incapable of being conquered

6.         sprightly (adj.)- animated and vivacious: lively

7.         stalwart (adj.)- strongly and stoutly built

8.         adherent (adj.)- following or upholding  a leader or cause; supportive

9.         exonerate (v.)- to clear, as of an accusation; free from guilt or blame; release

10.        succor (n.)- help; relief; aid; assistance 

Commonly Confused Words 

Whose-                        of or relating to “who”; shows possession

                                    Whose coat is this?

Who’s-                         the contraction for “who is”

                                    Who’s going to be at the party?