homework page

TUESDAY 26 April- EOG Tests are now two weeks away!

All classes- you have your poetry to present tomorrow in class. This will be a test grade.  Thursday and Friday will be spent on EOG reviews and working on poetry products.

Fifth period- Please complete the easy work on the poem, "Growing Pains" tonight.

Reading  journal is due Thursday or Friday.  Students have a guide sheet to help them- NO SUMMARIES!

Interim progress reports are OVERDUE.  They were handed out on April 7, BEFORE Spring Break!

Thursday 28 April- All classes have reading journals (NO SUMMARIES!) and their original "Odes" due.  If a student did not have his/her poetry presentation ready, then tomorrow will be spent in the hallway away from others working on this for a late grade.  This will not exempt the students, however, from completing original poems as we will do tomorrow.

Friday 29 April- All classes!  We have finished presenting poems and you really do need to work on creating original works so you can word process them on Tuesday in the media center.

A limerick is a humorous poem with an A-A-B-B-A rhyming scheme- We have gone over this in class!

A haiku is a three-line Japanese type of poetry that has the following syllable count:  Line one is five syllables; line two is seven syllables; line three is five syllables.

Simile poem- Based on what Eve Merriam, the poet, did, you are to compare and contrast two similar things, but in the end, you let readers know which of the two things you prefer.  Ms. Merriam compared two different types of trees in her poem.

Your ode is overdue!  We read two odes by Gary Soto over two weeks ago, and you were asked to create an original ode.  This was due today, and I have had this information on the board since Monday.

"The one that does the work is the one who is learning."  Dr. Harry Wong

Tuesday 3 May- All classes- students will be in their regular class due to testing tomorrow and Thursday; Friday we are back together and working on EOG review.  EOG tests begin next Tuesday with the survey; Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday we are testing.  Students need to take their time and think!  There is no award for finishing early!

Thursday 5 May- All classes!  If you did not turn in your reading journal last week, you must turn it in tomorrow!  This is documentation that you have been trying to improve as a fluent reader!  All poetry is due tomorrow.  Work must be neat, and in ink, or word-processed. We are working on an E.O.G. scavenger hunt, and so far, two classes have worked very well on this.  We will continue tomorrow. 

Next week:  Tuesday is survey day; Wednesday is calculator active test; Thursday is calculator inactive test; Friday is reading test.