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Developing as a Professional Educator

  • Compare and contrast your Initial CSTP and your Final CSTP.  What are your areas of strength? Where are your opportunities for continuous improvement? In what ways have you surprised yourself?
    • ​My areas of strength are in Developing as a Professional Educator.  I am always aware of my professional integrity, responsibility,and ethical conduct. I am also good at reflecting on my teaching practices and effectiveness.  A strength that I have acquired this school year is Creating and Maintaining Effective Environments.  I have grown in the area of employing classroom procedures and routines for learning.  As for opportunities in continuous improvement, I believe I can always improve on Planning Instruction and Designing Learning Experiences for All Students.  I find I can work and improve in specifically the area of adapting instruction and curriculum to meet assessed student needs.  I have surprised myself this year by managing to teach more than three different subjects and staying organized.  
  • Professional Goal

    • A professional goal I have set for myself beyond induction is to finish my current doctoral program.  I've always wanted to have a PHD and I am currently enrolled in a PHD program.  I am currently completing the first course and I am really excited to accomplish this personal professional goal.  I will assess the attainment of my goal when I finally finish my dissertation and receive a PHD in Psychology. ​
  • ​Connected Educator

    • ​In order to stay connected as an educator, I will attend various teacher trainings throughout the school year.  I will also attend PLCs and all the department and staff meetings.  I think it is also important to join a school committee such as School Site Council in order to stay connected with other staff and teachers.  
  • Sustaining the Energy

    • ​I will sustain my teaching energy by doing the following:  1) Self-reflection, 2) Staying connected with other teachers, 3) Building relationships with students, 4) Taking time to relax with family and friends, and 5) Setting boundaries and balancing life's many challenges.  
  • Quote

    • ​"Ms. Ortiz-Guerini's work ethic and dedication to her students is second to none." - Tony Wilson, Department Chair, Coach, and SDC Techer
  • Advice

    • ​Make sure you stay balanced and don't take on too many responsibilities at work and at home your first year as a teacher.  Allow yourself to make mistakes because that is how you learn.  Ask for  help when you aren't sure about something.  Make friends with a couple of teachers and keep those friendships.  
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