4th Grade Mathematics

4th Grade Mathematics Description

Students learn comparison and place value of numbers through millions, rounding to one hundred thousands, comparison of fractions with denominators up to 12, identification of equivalent fractions, rounding of decimals to hundredths, use of calculators in estimation, simple division by one digit divisors, addition of fractions with unlike denominators, estimation and measurement of weights, lengths, and volumes, measurement of perimeter of geometric shapes, identification of rays, points, and segments, determination of parallel and perpendicular lines, and the use of rules (or functions) in solving problems. For instruction and learning, students will use both the 4th and 5th grade Math Connects Textbooks, Spiral Math review daily, fact practice, Accelerated Mathematics, and other supplemental materials for instruction.

Main Topics in 4th Grade Mathematics:

Number and Number Sense

  • Understand place value and use the concepts to round numbers
  • Compare numbers and use comparison symbols (<, >, =) appropriately
  • Model equivalent fractions and decimals

Computation and Estimation

  • Add, subtract, multiply, and divide whole numbers
  • Add and subtract fractions and decimals
  • Develop understanding of multiples and factors

Measurement and Geometry

  • Estimate and measure weight/mass, length and liquid volume in U.S. Customary and metric units
  • Use U.S. Customary and metric equivalents between units
  • Identify and describe representations of plane figures and intersection, parallelism, and perpendicularity Investigate geometric transformations and congruence of transformed figures

Probability and Statistics

  • Represent probability as a number p, 0 ≤ p ≤ 1and predict the likelihood of an event
  • Collect, organize, display, and interpret data

Patterns, Functions, and Algebra

  • Identify and extend complex numerical and geometric patterns
  • Investigate properties of real numbers
  • Demonstrate the concept of equality in an equation 


4th Grade Standards for Mathematical Practice 

1.Make sense of problems and persevere in solving them.

2. Reason abstractly and quantitatively.

3. Construct viable arguments and critique the reasoning of others.

4. Model with mathematics.

5. Use appropriate tools strategically.

6. Attend to precision.

7. Look for and make use of structure.


4th Grade Math Year at a Glance

Chapter 1: Place Value and Money

  1. Thosands Period
  2. Millions Period
  3. Expanded Form, Word Form, Standard Form
  4. Comparing Numbers
  5. Order Numbers, odd and even
  6. Rounding Numbers
  7. Decimals: Tenths
  8. Decimals: Hundredths
  9. Value of a Set of Money
  10. Money: Making Change
  11. Renaming Numbers

Chapter 2: Addition and Subtraction

  1. Addition Properties
  2. Adding 2-3-Digit Numbers, Estimating
  3. Adding 4-5 Digit Numbers, Estimating, Word Problems
  4. Word Problems: Adding Money
  5. Zero Property of Subtraction, Subtract 2-3-Digit Numbers
  6. Subtract 4-5-Digit Numbers, Estimate
  7. Subtracting; Renaming Zeros
  8. Subtracting Money; Multi-step word problems
  9. Add, Subtract, Estimate, Round 3-4-5-DIgit numbers
  10. Types of Subtraction, Word Problems
  11. Word Problems: Cost Chart and variables

Chapter 3: Fractions

  1.  Fractions that Equal 1 Whole; Numerator and Denominator
  2. Write Fraction Names; Probability Prediction
  3. Determine Fraction of a Set; Determine Probability
  4. Compare and Order Fractions
  5. Add and Subtract Fractions; Improper Fractions, Word Problems
  6. Mixed Numbers and Improper Fractions, Compare Mixed Numbers
  7. Add and Subtract Mixed Numbers
  8. Fractional Part of a Whole; Circle Graph

Chapter 4: Multiplication and Division Facts

  1. Factor and Product; Arrays; Multiplication Properties
  2. Dividend, Divisor, Quotient; Related Multiplication/Division Facts with 0 or 1
  3. Equation Form, Division Frame, Fraction Form; illustrate and Solve Word Problems; Facts with 9 or 10
  4. Multiplication-Addition Principle; Word Problems; Facts with 11
  5. Multiplication-Addition Principle; Word Problems; Facts with 12
  6. Multiplication-Addition Principle; Mental Math Strategies for 6 or 9 Facts; Word Problems
  7. Associative Property of Multiplication; Word Problems with 3 Factors
  8. Missing Factor Equations with a Variable, 2 Operation Equations
  9. Word Problems: Working Backwards

Chapter 5: Decimals

  1. 10 tenths = 1 Whole; Read and Write Decimals to Tenths; Write Decimals as Fractions or Mixed Numbers
  2. Writing Mixed Numbers; Compare and Order Decimals to Tenths
  3. 100 Hundrendths = 1 Whole; Compare and Order to Hundredths
  4. Add and Subtract Decimals; Word Problems
  5. Round and Estimate Decimals and Money
  6. Equivalent Values

Chapter 6: 1-DIgit Multipliers

  1. Multiply a 2-3-Digit Factor by a 1-Digit Factor; Word Problems
  2. Multiply a 2-3- Digit Factor by a 1 Digit Factor; Multiply Multiples of 10, 100, and 1,000 by a 1 digit factor
  3. Round and Estimate Products,
  4. Money Multiplication; Word Problems
  5. Multiply a 4-Digit factor by a 1-Digit Factor; Estimate Products
  6. More Money Multiplication; Word Probles: Using a Table

Chapter 7: Geometry: Plane Figures

  1. Point, Line, Line Segment; Types of Lines; Read a Map
  2. Rays; Types of Angles
  3. Regular and Irregular Polygons; Right Triangle
  4. Polygons, Parallelograms; Perimeter
  5. Perimter and Area; Word Problems
  6. Similar and Symmetrical Figures; Slide Flip Turn
  7. Perimeter of a Figure; Area of a Region; Word Problems
  8. Circles; Radius and Diameter Lengths
  9. Area of COmplex Polygons and Triangles; Types of Angles

Chapter 8: Division 1-Digit Divisors

  1. Partition and Measurement Division; Inverse Operation
  2. Long Division Process; 1-Digit quotient with remainder
  3. Divide a 2-3-Digit Dividend by a 1-Digit Divisor
  4. 1-2-Digit Quotient with remainder
  5. 2-3- Digit Quotient with Remainder
  6. Quotient Containing 0; Check Your Work
  7. Divide Multiples of 10 and 100; Word Problems
  8. 4-Digit Dividend; Money Division
  9. Find the Mean/Average; Word Problems
  10. Divisibility Rules 2, 5, 10

Chapter 9: Data and Graphs

  1. Picto Graph and Bar Graph; Tally/Frequency Tables; Finding Averages (Mean, Median, Mode, Range)
  2. Double Bar Graph; Circle Graphs
  3. Line Graphs; Averages; Interpret Graphs
  4. Ordered Pairs and Coordinate Graphs; Scale and Interval
  5. Line Plot; Stem and Leaf Plot
  6. Logic
  7. Surveys; Comparing Graphs

Chapter 10: Costumary Measurement and Time

  1. Inch; Foot; Measuring Length, Width, and Height
  2. Yard; Mile; Determine Distance
  3. Conversion: of Inches, Feet, Yards, and Miles
  4. Pound, Ounce, Ton; Reading Scales; Conversions
  5. Cup, Pint, Quart, Gallon; COnversions; Word Problems
  6. Degree; Fahrenheit; Reading Graphs
  7. Time; Conversions; Comparing Time
  8. Quarter Hour; noon/midnight; AM/PM
  9. Elapsed Time; Schedule; Schedule
  10. Calendar SKills
  11. Roman Numerals

Chapter 11: Multiplication 2-Digit Multiplication

  1. Multiply Multiples of 10, 100, and 1000; Mental Math
  2. Use Manipulative;  Multiply 2-Digit factor by 2-Digit Factor; Word Problems
  3. Use Array; Multiply 2-Digit factor by 2-Digit Factor; Word Problems
  4. Estimate Product by Rounding,  Multiply 2-Digit factor by 2-Digit Factor; Word Problems
  5. Multiply 2-3- Digit Factors; Word Problems
  6. More Multiplying by 2-3-Digit Factors; Word Problems
  7. Multiply Money; Money Word Problems; Mental Multi-step Problems

Chapter 12: Fractions: Addition and Subtraction

  1. Rename; Identify, Write, and Compare Fractions, Mixed Numbers
  2. Bench Mark Fractions to 0, 1/2, 1. Order Fractions
  3. Add and Subtract Like Fractions; Rename Improper Fractions
  4. Add and Subtract MIxed Numbers; Word Problems
  5. Finding Equivalent Fractions
  6. Add and Subtract Unlike Fraction
  7. Add and SUbtract Fractions; Renaming Mixed Numbers
  8. Fraction part of a set
  9. Fraction Word Problems

Chapter 13: Metric Measurement

  1. Meter, Centimeter, Millimeter; Estimate, Measure, and Draw lengths
  2. Kilometer; Convert and Compare; Measurement Word Problems
  3. Liter; Milliliter; Convert and Compare; Word Problems
  4. Gram; Kilogram; Convert and Compare; Word Problem
  5. Degree; Celsius Thermometer
  6. Metric Units; Length, Capacity, Mass, and Temperature; Measurement Tools
  7. Complete a Table; Use Logic

Chapter 14: 2-Digit Division

  1. Divide 2-3-Digit Multile of 10; Check Work; Word Problems
  2. More Divide 2-3-Digit Multile of 10; Check Work; Word Problems
  3. Divide by Rounding the Divisor
  4. 1-Digit Quotient; Divide by Rounding; Word Problems
  5. 2-Digit Quotient; Divide Money; Word Problems
  6. Adjust the Quotient in a Division Problem; Divide Money
  7. Quotient Containing 0; Word Problems
  8. Word Problems with Repeated Multiplication and addition, Division and Subtraction

Chapter 15: Geometry 3D figures

  1. 2D and 3D Figures; Faces, Edges, Vertices; Constuct Cone and Cylinder from Nets
  2. Prisms; Constructing Prisms
  3. Pyramids; USe nets
  4. Surface Area of Square Prism (cube) and Rectangular Prism
  5. Volume
  6. Recognise and Extend Patterns, Venn Diagrams

Chapter 16: Pre-Algebra

  1. Positive and Negative Numbers
  2. Compare and Order Positive and Negative Numbers
  3. Graph POsitive and Negative Numbers
  4. Graph Points on a Coordinate Gride
  5. Function Tables; Equations